What do I do if my requirements expire after I have completed my placement?

When are my Fit for Professional Practice requirements due?

Where can I find the information about my requirements?

I can't see my placement details?

I don't know who my Placement Officer is?

Why have my documents been rejected?

Are my Human Rights being denied? Where is the information stating I need to complete the fit for professional practice requirements?

Immunisations and Health Tests

Do I have to have vaccinations?

Do I need to provide evidence of Hep B vaccines if I have a positive serology?

What do I do if I can't find my vaccination records for my Hep B vaccines and I have a positive serology?

What happens if I can't finish my Hep B vaccines and serology by the due date?

Where do I find my immunisation records?

Where can I get the Influenza Vaccine, I can't get one because they are sold out?

Why has the Influenza Vaccine been introduced as a fit for professional practice requirement?

When is it appropriate to have the MMR and/or Varicella vaccine?

How often do I have to have my HIV and Hep C Blood Tests?

I need to have a Mantoux TB Test but have just received an MMR/Varicella vaccine. When can I have my Mantoux test?

What do I do if I can't have vaccinations?

Why are vaccination requirements required?

Are my Human Rights being denied?

Where is the information stating I need to complete all vaccinations?

Why do I need to have vaccines when I'm not going on placement until later in my degree?

Licenses & Certificates

Can I use my First Aid/CPR from my home country?

How do I apply for a Queensland Blue Card?

I thought police checks were valid for 5 years. Why am I being asked to get another one so soon?

What do I do if I have a criminal conviction and/or unable to receive a Working with Children Check?

What happens if I have any change in my Police information?

I have applied for my National Police Check through the Queensland Police and I have only received an electronic certificate. What do I do?

I have submitted a National Police Check through an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) organisation eg: MakeSure, CrimCheck, Australia Post, Clear to Work and it has been rejected.

I'm an International student and I don't have an address in Australia for my Blue Card and/or National Police Check.


What is Sonia?

How do I access Sonia?

How do I upload my documents in Sonia?

I don't have access to Sonia.