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Embedding First People’s knowledge to contribute towards closing the gap in health outcomes.

The First Peoples Health Unit was officially opened in August, 2015. The unit provides high level leadership and strategic direction on First Peoples' health in the areas of learning and teaching, research and engagement.

The FPHU has become an influential leader in First Peoples health in the tertiary sector through setting an agenda for practical change with First Peoples cultures at its centre.

Major strategies include positioning Griffith Health as a faculty of choice for First Peoples health students, and as an employer of choice for First Peoples health staff.

The FPHU is committed to closing the gap in health outcomes by improving the cultural capability of Australia's health workforce through quality education and training

First Peoples Health Unit, Griffith University

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Statement of Values and Commitments

Griffith Health draws upon the First Peoples Health Unit graphic to represent their statement of values and commitment to First People’s Health.

The graphic incorporates both traditional and contemporary artwork to symbolise the fusion of Indigenous and western ways of knowing, being and doing. The graphic is encapsulated in and consists of many interrelated circles presented in the university corporate colours to signify the cyclical and holistic nature of First Peoples’ understandings of health inclusive of engagement, learning and teaching and research.


Griffith Health is committed to collaboration and to learning about and building solutions drawing on the best of both cultures and improving the health of Australia’s First Peoples by recognising that it is the responsibility of all within the Griffith Health and the specific role of leadership in making this happen. First People’s leadership is represented in the logo by the red surrounding circles. Broader Griffith Health and University leadership is represented by the grey circles inside the outer circle.


Griffith Health will engage with its internal and external community organisation, industry and partners in First Peoples Health we serve. The engagement will be the premise upon which Griffith Health will base its planning activities, improve its performance in learning and teaching activities and in research to enhance the reputation in First Peoples Health. Engagement is represented by the concentric dots in the logo expressing the many individuals working together on a common goal and focus of better wellbeing for our nation’s First Peoples. The 8 meeting place circles represent the 8 schools within Griffith Health. The 5 larger meeting place circles represent the 5 campuses.


Griffith Health respects and honours the knowledge of the First Peoples inherited from the Ancestors. Griffith Health will ensure the privileging of First People’s knowledges and the integration of this with western knowledge systems. Knowledge from the Ancestors is represented in the logo by the surrounding black circle protecting and guiding all that’s within.


Griffith Health recognises and honours Eldership as the custodians of Indigenous knowledge and their role in ensuring that this enriched legacy is passed on to those who follow. Indigenous knowledges are paramount to achieve Griffith Health’s mission in First Peoples Health. The Elders are represented by the surrounding black circle protecting and guiding all that’s within.


Griffith Health is committed to increasing First Peoples student success and increasing First Peoples staff. Griffith Health will further lead the development of all students and staff ensuring they have the necessary cultural capability to effectively contribute to improving the health outcomes of the First Peoples. Learning and teaching is represented by the white concentric dots connecting the 8 health schools to the graduation cap circle representing First Peoples student success.


Griffith Health aims to establish itself to be a leader in First Peoples Health research and will continuously improve research performance and, through our research, deliver benefits for Australia’s First Peoples and communities. Research is represented by the colour red in the logo.

Our First Peoples History

Timeline of our First Peoples history


Griffith Health First Peoples Health Plan

The Griffith Health First Peoples Health Plan 2016-2022 outlines Griffith Health’s commitment to becoming influential leaders valuing collective knowledge towards better health and wellbeing outcomes for Australia’s First Peoples.

Griffith Health First Peoples Health Plan 2016-2022

First Peoples Health Engagement Plan 2018-2022

First Peoples Health Flyer

Griffith University Statement on Reconciliation

In May 2007, Griffith launched its Statement on Reconciliation—a public declaration of our commitment to promoting an environment valuing the traditions, protocols and contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Griffith University Statement on Reconciliation

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