Cultural Safety for Health Professionals Portal

In collaboration with the First Peoples Health Unit at Griffith University, the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet has developed a new Cultural Safety for Health Professionals portal. The portal aims to support the teaching of health professionals to critically reflect on the concept of cultural safety and to deliver safe, accessible and responsive healthcare that is free from racism.

Links are provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and cultural safety resources, which relate to the five capabilities of a refreshed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heath curriculum framework. The portal aims to assist health professionals to support the implementation of the The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013-2023.

Enhancing First Peoples students’ success and transforming the student and staff experiences in First Peoples Health

Enhancing First Peoples students’ success and transforming the student and staff experience in First Peoples Health.

The First Peoples Health Unit are committed to student success and the development and growth of a highly skilled, highly educated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce.

Our innovative strategies promote the recruitment and retention of First Peoples tertiary students and their employability as graduates.

First Peoples Health Pathways

The First Peoples Pathways to Health Programs Guide 2018 covers a wide range of health degrees available for First Peoples students. Find out what it takes to start your journey as a health professional.


To find out more about First Peoples Scholarships visit our Scholarships page

What we provide


We collaborate with our partners in schools, community organisations and industry to deliver our First Peoples Health Aspirations to Health Programs, a targeted recruitment initiative for First Peoples students. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders interested in studying a Griffith degree, can apply via the Direct Entry Scheme facilitated by the GUMURRII Student Support Unit.

First Peoples Health Student Retention and Success

First Peoples Health students are supported by a number of specific strategies designed to increase their participation and retention. Students have access to scholarships, internships with the FPHU and placements with our First Peoples Health partners. The GUMURRII Student Support Unit provides dedicated support for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Griffith.

First Peoples Health Staff

We provide opportunities for our staff for ongoing professional development to build their capacity, ensure excellence in their learning and teaching and demonstrate the need for First Peoples teaching staff. The FPHU also encourage and facilitate Non-First Peoples staff participation in First Peoples Health engagement activities such as health expos and NAIDOC celebrations.

First Peoples Health Curricula

The First Peoples Health Unit ensures the Griffith Health Curriculum aligns with the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Curriculum Framework and has developed a tool to measure the quality and impact of First Peoples health curricula on student’s cultural capability

Non-First Peoples Health Students Cultural Capability

The FPHU places high importance on developing Non-First Peoples student’s cultural capability in line with Graduate Attribute 5: Culturally capable when working with First Australians. We are continually working on increasing clinical placement opportunities for students with community organisations, industry and partners in First Peoples Health.

Non-First Peoples Staff Cultural Capability

The FPHU work closely with Griffith Health to improve the teaching quality among academics teaching First Peoples Health curricula. We also lead the development of both a staff cultural capability training strategy and the assessment of Non-First Peoples staff attitudes and engagement in First Peoples Health initiatives.

Griffith Experts

Griffith Experts helps you connect with our academics


The First Peoples Health Unit supports First Peoples Health students in a range of career building opportunities. We sponsor students to become members of their professional associations, attend conferences, undertake research internships, and to be involved in events supporting the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.


We actively work to give First Peoples health students the opportunity to undertake clinical placements in a network of community organisations, industry and partners in First Peoples Health.

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