Karulbo ngulli duranan'gahla nyumbanyun baugull dunngunnya nyumbiyan.

Together we grow in safe learning with a guiding hand.

Nyumbanyun nga Nyumbiyan is an introductory mentoring program specifically for First Peoples health students offering culturally responsive mentoring in the health programs of Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery.

This mentoring program is an initiative developed from Griffith Health Group’s commitment to retaining First Peoples Health students which aims to grow our future First Peoples health professional workforce.

Nyumbanyun nga Nyumbiyan matches 2nd and 3rd year First Peoples Health student mentors with 1st and 2nd year First Peoples Health student mentees enrolled in the same program of study offering peer-to-peer lived experience within a support network that assists to connect into and navigate through university life.

This program is unique with our First Peoples Health mentors also having to complete culturally responsive mentor training in addition to the required Griffith mentor training. Our mentors are fully supported and guided by our First Peoples academic supervisors and First Peoples mentoring co-ordinatior.

Artwork by: Chris Levinge

The artwork story: Is a reflection of continuing development, depicted as a ceremonial transition from the smaller circle at the beginning of the journey for the supervisor, mentor and mentee relationship with open interactions between all three. Centred through cultural knowledge, ways of knowing, doing and being, as each expands their skills in Nyumbanyun nga Nyumbiyan (learning and guiding) they move towards the larger circle reflected with stronger shared knowledge, experience and network of influence.

Griffith University recognises the important place of First Peoples of Australia. Nyumbanyun nga Nyumbiyan mentoring program is only available to students who identify as Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Australia. If you would like more information or to be part of this program please email one of the contacts below.

First Peoples Health Mentors

As it translates in Yugambeh language, Nyumbanyun nga Nyumbiyan is learning and guiding and as a mentor you will also benefit through personal development in:

  • Cultural knowledge; ways of knowing, being and doing
  • Leadership skills
  • Communications skills
  • Self awareness

First Peoples Health Mentees

Within a culturally-safe environment you will have the support and guidance from your peers within the same program who will share their insights and experiences to enable your transition into and through university to be a positive and rewarding journey.

First Peoples Health Mentoring Co-ordinator and Supervisors