There are many valuable sources of information and research available to health practitioners to assist them when engaging with First Peoples communities and people.

Listed below are just a few key resources that will help you on your journey of cultural capability and towards Closing the Gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes.

As websites and information regularly change or become out of date, we have tried to ensure currency by listing only relevant resources and websites – it is worth revisiting them regularly to get the latest research and recommendations.

It is recommended that you visit the Cultural Safety for Health Professionals portal on the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet website in particular, as it is a resource that is specifically designed to inform practice and policy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health by making research and other knowledge readily accessible.

Queensland Health also has a list of useful resources relevant to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; it is a great place to start when doing your research.

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The Little Red Yellow Black Book

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Australian Museum glossary of Indigenous Australia terms

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