Engaging First Peoples staff, students and communities as a University of Influence in First Peoples Health

Engagement is critically important to the First Peoples Health Unit and is the premise upon which Griffith Health bases its planning activities, its performance in learning and teaching activities and in research to enhance its reputation in First Peoples Health.

Our engagement strategies target nine different areas of engagement: student and staff engagement, schools and pathways engagement, community and clinical engagement, donor and alumni engagement, marketing and communications, and rural and remote engagement.

We engage with community organisations, industry and partners in First Peoples Health and coordinate programs and projects which serve community, industry and partner needs. We engage with our Elders as the custodians of Indigenous knowledge and recognise that their knowledge is paramount to achieving Griffith Health’s mission in First Peoples Health.

Graduate Certificate in First Peoples Community Practice

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First Peoples Health Clinical Engagement

The FPHU engages with a network of community organisations, industry and partners in First Peoples Health to provide amazing clinical placement opportunities for First Peoples Health students.

Community Engagement

We engage with First Peoples communities on programs and activities which meet their unique needs and partner with community organisations, industry and our partners in First Peoples Health on projects such as the Karulbo Partnership.

Staff Engagement

The FPHU actively encourages staff excellence in engagement with community organisations, industry and our partners in First Peoples Health. We are continually exploring opportunities for increasing First Peoples employment with the FPHU, Griffith Health and the University more widely.

Student Engagement

We engage and collaborate with First Peoples health students to increase the type and number of undergraduate, honours, post-graduate and HDR programs and activities which meet their needs. Our work with First Peoples high school students, their families and communities builds aspirations, enables access, participation and success on their journey as First Peoples Health students.


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Community Organisation, Industry and Partners Engagement

The focus of our engagement with community organisations, industry and partners in First Peoples Health is to ultimately provide First Peoples Health graduates that meet workforce needs. The establishment of joint, adjunct and academic title positions between Griffith Health and community organisation, industry and partners in First Peoples Health means First Peoples Health students have access to industry leading professionals throughout their degrees.

Schools and Pathways Engagement

Our First Peoples Aspiration to Health Programs is our targeted recruitment initiative for First Peoples Health students to experience the life of a university student. Enhancing the First Peoples health student experience and capturing stories of First Peoples Health student and graduate success are important in positioning Griffith as a university as a university of choice for First Peoples Health students.

Student Alumni Engagement

We aim to provide outstanding First Peoples Health student experiences to capture First Peoples Health alumni interest on graduation and the FPHU is active in establishing a First Peoples Health alumni network. We nurture connections with emerging First Peoples alumni in mentoring, philanthropy and industry engagement. This allows graduates to ‘give back’ and students have the opportunity to be mentored by successful health alumni.

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Donor Engagement

We actively engage with First Peoples donors and promote scholarships such as the Aunty Pamela Mam Indigenous Nursing Scholarship for First Peoples nursing and midwifery students. It allows First Peoples Health students to recognise and honour those professionals who came before them in their chosen fields. We capture and disseminate stories of donor support in First Peoples Health to promote scholarships and projects and potentially secure funds from other potential donors.

Marketing and Communications

We are developing and implementing our own First Peoples Health Communication and Marketing Strategy which builds on the strong, consistent branding and imagery of the First Peoples Health Logo, language and artwork. We create targeted First Peoples Health marketing materials such as the First Peoples Pathways to Health Programs, 2018 Guide.

Rural and Remote Engagement

We engage with our partners in rural and remote health to ultimately increase First Peoples student enrolments from those communities. First Peoples Health students also have the opportunity to undertake placements with community organisations, industry and partners in rural and remote communities.


Building partnerships in First Peoples Health internationally and contributing to the University’s growing international reputation for excellence

International Engagement

We have formalised and consolidated partnerships with First Peoples Health Units in Canada, New Zealand and Hawaii as a part of the International Indigenous Academic Health Network. IIAHN partners share a focus on advancing Indigenous health priorities in medical education, health research and health service delivery.

First Peoples Health Student and Staff Exchange

First Peoples Health students and staff have the opportunity to travel abroad on exchange to First Peoples Health units internationally. Our students have attended international conferences as part of their degree and travelled overseas as part of the Aurora Indigenous Scholars International Study Tour.

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