You're invited to join Professor Susan Bögels Friday 14th December 2018 Griffith University, Gold Coast

This workshop is targeted at professionals and researchers who work with children and families, and have an interest in mindfulness-based approaches. The one-day workshop will provide an introduction to the Mindful Parenting programme, which is a manualised mindfulness-based intervention for parents, developed by Professor Susan Bogels and Kathleen Restifo.

This workshop will include information about the programme structure and content, including an experiential taster of mindfulness practices and exercises in the programme.

About Susan Bögels

Susan is a Professor at the University of Amsterdam, a clinical psychologist and cognitive behaviour and child and family therapist. Susan’s research focuses on the intergenerational transmission of psychopathology, through parent-child and family interactions, with a specific focus on the father, and on child and family interventions, including mindfulness. Susan is also the director of the centre for the treatment of parents and children, (UvA minds), in which evidence-based cognitive behavioural and mindfulness interventions are provided to families. Susan is a practicing mindfulness trainer, specialized in mindfulness for children and their parents in a mental health context. She is the author of the book, Mindful Parenting: A Guide for Mental Health Practitioners (2015) and has published many articles in the field of mindfulness and youth psychopathology

Mindfulness and parenting

Mindfulness is about paying attention to the moments in our lives in a particular way and non judgmentally. Mindfulness is not something you can learn by talking or reading about it, and therefore mindfulness-based interventions introduce participants experientially to a variety of mindfulness practices. Mindfulness based training programs such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) teach participants how mindfulness meditation can, with practice, strengthen their ability to ground attention and awareness in the present moment. Coping with parenting is demanding, both in terms of caring for parents own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of their children. Mindfulness can be particularly useful as a way to manage the demands of parenting and the associated stresses and challenges. Mindful Parenting (an adaptation of MBSR/MBCT) offers the opportunity to learn alternative ways of coping with the challenges, so that parents are more able to be present in their life and with their children, rather than consumed with stresses and difficulties. Mindful Parenting is suitable for parents who experience parenting stress (everyone!) as well as parents of who have had mental health problems, or whose child/children have mental health problems. Mindful Parenting has been found to assist parents to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and may also result in decreases in child psychopathology and an enhanced parent-child relationship.

Training dates and times

  • Friday 14th December 9.30am - 4.30pm

Course costs

  • $300 - Discounted rate of $100 available for registered HDR and Clinical Psychology students

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