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The Work and Organisational Resilience Centre (WORC) is a consultancy that has been established by Griffith University to provide organisational psychology services to industry. We provide customised services to organisations and businesses as well as to individuals seeking career advice or personal growth and development. The consultancy is staffed by postgraduate organisational psychology students (under supervision of experienced registered psychologists) who can provide a variety of services for very competitive fees.

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Coaching is a one on one approach to professional development that focuses on your specific needs and can support you to get the best out of yourself, your teams and your organisation. Coaching can be delivered either face to face or virtually over video conference. The coaching program is offered throughout the year and  consists of 5 x 50min sessions, delivered fortnightly. Sessions can also include psychometric assessment to better tailor coaching to individual needs and coaching program will be delivered by both registered and provisionally registered psychologists. To find out more simply register for the WORC coaching program.

Organisational learning and development

Organisational change and development is now an integral component of organisations and businesses. The key is making this work for you. WORC can provide you with planned and structured change that will help you maximise the outcomes and can assist with undertaking a training needs analysis for you, or the design and delivery of training and development programs in your organisation.


Facilitation is used in business and organisational settings to ensure the designing and running of successful meetings and workshops. Effective communication is the key to success in many industries. Training, facilitation and presentation skills are critical when communicating to new and existing employees. To meet this challenge, WORC provides tailored solutions to your training and facilitation needs as well as facilitation and presentation skills training. Sometimes it's better to have an independent person facilitate a team or group discussion to ensure that everybody’s view is heard, and that the outcomes are unbiased. WORC can provide facilitators for all your needs.

Program design and evaluation

Designing and evaluating program delivery is something that all organisations know there should do but often don't have time to do well. WORC can support you by carrying out design, trial and evaluation of your programs.

Human factors

Human Factors look at the behaviour of people and how they interact with the systems and environments within which they do their jobs. It can include undertaking assessments, designing new technology and equipment as well as reviewing work practices to maximise efficiency and performance. If you want to enhance the productivity and satisfaction of your staff and ensure that your workplace and systems are maximising their efficiency and performance, a human factors analysis may help you decide which changes to implement and achieve the best gains and value for money.

Job analysis

Do you know what knowledge, skills, abilities and other attributes are required for your employees? If not, then a job analysis will assist in identifying these critical components to use as the basis for your selection and recruitment activities. Knowing what your employees are meant to be doing is good for them and also great for your business, and Job analysis is an essential tool for ensuring you get the best out of your employees.

Recruitment and selection

Within any organisation, your most valuable assets are your employees. The cost of recruiting, training and developing your staff is the greatest expense for many organisations. Selection and recruitment includes targeting populations with your desired knowledge, skills and abilities - if you're not attracting the right applicants to your advertised positions, the WORC team can provide tailored solutions to your selection and recruitment needs.

Managing employee stress and wellbeing

A happy employee is a productive employee. If stress is affecting you or your employee's performance we can provide tailored solutions to enhance mental wellbeing and increase productivity.


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