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RealWell makes available simple and practical tools to cultivate community-wide understanding and advancement of children’s social and emotional development. The resources are designed with schools and community agencies in mind.

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erosion crad

Helping save the Great Barrier Reef

Griffith research has uncovered the cause of most of the soil erosion that blights the Great Barrier Reef and pioneered a method to prevent it. Professor Andrew Brooks and his team won the Eureka Prize for research that will help save the Barrier Reef.

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Pesticide-free fruit fly trap

Until recently, fruit flies, one of Australia's worst agricultural pests required toxic chemicals to control, but with recent changes banning their use farmers faced a challenging future until Griffith research found a solution.

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Parents under pressure

A program developed at Griffith is helping develop nurturing and sensitive relationships between parents and their children.

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New vaccine to help millions

Vaccine deal brokered using Griffith Glycomics research to help beat potentially deadly Strep A bacteria.

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A cure for Spinal Cord injury

A Griffith innovation that uses cells from the nose to form a nerve bridge across the spinal cord may become a cure for spinal cord injury.

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