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Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery

Hosting over twenty research centres, institutes and facilities Griffith Sciences is helping to direct the course of discovery.

From drug discovery, to big data, to quantum computers, our research is transforming futures.

Institute for Glycomics

Carbohydrates provide a rich chemical diversity for novel drug discovery. Glycomics aims to unravel the information system or language of carbohydrates, in the same way that genomics is unravelling the code to the human genome.

The Institute for Glycomics is one of the largest in the world dedicated to this complex and exciting field.

Menzies Health Institute Queensland

With exceptional biomedical, nursing, allied health, social and behavioural scientists, clinical researchers and research candidates, Griffith’s MHIQ has achieved remarkable outcomes.

Three overarching programs—Building Health Communities, Understanding Chronic Conditions and Optimising Health Outcomes—encapsulate our research strengths and align with local and national health priorities.

Compounds Australia

Compounds Australia stores physicochemical information and hashed molecular fingerprints for Open Access compounds, generated as part of the compound registration process.

Compounds Australia Structure PoRtal is a web portal delivering real-time structure information

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