3 Day Startup

Griffith has teamed up with 3DS, a Texas-based program to leverage your Griffith degree and entrepreneurial spirit into a startup that addresses a genuine need.

Programs occur four times a year.

The Lean Launchpad

The lean launchpad is the quickest and most accessible method for for getting your startup happening.


If you love forming new teams to find solutions for the big problems through digital coding, then a hackathon may be for you. Keep abreast of the next hack near you.

Startup weekends

"What's a weekend"? said Granny Grantham.

That's when the true entrepreneur hangs out with people whose only common link is a passion for startups and digital solutions. Griffith runs several startup weekends a year so don't miss out.

Entrepreneurship courses

Griffith has undergraduate and postgraduate courses for future entrepreneurs