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Entrepreneurship involves taking risks, embracing challenges and persistence. At Griffith Enterprise we help budding entrepreneurs make their vision a reality—find out how we can help you.

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Providing practical commercialisation experience, Griffith is helping those with entrepreneurial drive get a head start. Find out how our dedicated programs can give your startup a kick-start.

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Startup Toolbox

Get your enterprise off the ground and make sure you have the resources you need to make a difference.

Startup Toolbox

Studio 39

GE's student entrepreneurs hatchery on the Gold Coast is bringing students from all over the University together to create businesses that solve problems.

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Griffh Enterprise's Seed program is helping today's music students to become tomorrow's music entrepreneurs

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App Foundation

The App Foundation—a start-up collaboration at Griffith—is bringing together students and investors to develop mobile apps and tech-based services

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Student startups club

Studio 39 is Griffith Enterprise's way of getting students involved in tech to think outside the box, develop ideas and learn core business and tech skills.

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Professional learning hub

Practical help to take your staff to the next level

Success stories

Halfbrick Studios

The creators of gaming-app hit Fruit Ninja have teamed with Griffith to create amazing work-integrated learning opportunities.

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Bullets For The Dead

What do you get when you cross zombies, cowboys and Griffith Enterprise? A zombie horror feature film of course.

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