Stuart Cooke is a senior lecturer in Creative Writing and Literary Studies. His awards include the Gwen Harwood and the Dorothy Porter poetry prizes, an Asialink Fellowship to the Philippines, and funding from the Australia Council for the Arts, and he has received residential fellowships from Omi International Arts Centre (USA), Hawthornden Castle (UK) and Arteles Creative Centre (Finland), among others. Stuart's research interests span creative practice and scholarship. He publishes poetry and creative nonfiction, and has translated a wide variety of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian and Latin American poets. His scholarship focuses on poetry and poetics, particularly eco- and ethno-poetics, within the broad, interdisciplinary fields of Indigenous studies, critical animal studies and the environmental humanities.


Work: (07) 3735 4884



Doctor of Philosophy, Macquarie University/Australian National University, 2012

Honours in Creative Writing (Class 1), University of Technology, Sydney, 2004

Bachelor of Arts in Communication and in International Studies, University of Technology, Sydney, 2003



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2018: Griffith AEL Research Grant (‘Working with the Humedal Antiñir: transcultural, poetic ethnography in southern Chile’, $6661)

2015: Griffith AEL Research Grant (‘Crossing Cultures with Song: Spoken and sung poetics and indigenous identity in contemporary Chile’, $9 800)

2014: Griffith New Researcher Grant (‘Glocal Poetics: a creative framework for cross-ecological translation’, $10 000)

2013: Australia Council for the Arts New Work Grant for Emerging Writers ($40 000)

2008: Arts ACT New Work Grant ($4500)


2019: Residential Fellowship, Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

2019: Residential Fellowship, Bundanon Trust, New South Wales

2018: Residential Fellowship, Varuna Writers’ House, New South Wales

2017: Residential Fellowship, Omi International Arts Centre, New York, USA

2016: Poet-in-Residence, RMIT University, Melbourne

2015: Visiting Fellow, Facultad de Humanidades, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2015: Residential Fellowship, Centre d'Art i Natura de Farrera, Spain

2014: Residential Fellowship, Hawthornden International Retreat for Writers, Scotland

2012: Asialink Fellowship, De La Salle University, Philippines ($12 000)

2009: Residential Fellowship, Varuna Writers’ House, NSW


2017: Shortlisted, Newcastle Poetry Prize

2016: Winner, Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize

2016: Winner, New Shoots Poetry Prize

2016: Shortlisted, Newcastle Poetry Prize

2012: Winner, Dorothy Porter Poetry Prize

2011: Shortlisted, Newcastle Poetry Prize



Geopoetics: relations with the earth, April 26. Featuring Associate Professors Warwick Mules and Grayson Cooke (SCU)


Open Homes: new directions in contemporary poetics, August 6. Featuring Dr John Ryan (University of New England) & Angela Gardner (independent).


(with Dr Peter Denney) Literary Environments: place, planet & translation, July 17-19. Keynote speakers: Professor Alan Bewell (University of Toronto, Canada), Professor Ursula Heise (University of California, Los Angeles, USA), Professor Stephen Muecke (University of Adelaide), Professor Jerome Rothenberg (University of California, San Diego USA).


Feminist Poetics, Intimacy and the Media, December 12. Featuring Dr Alison Winch (University of East Anglia, UK).

Juggling Interdisciplinarity: a research student workshop, November 24. Featuring Assoc. Professor Pat Wise (Griffith University).


Transcultural Ecological Poetics, October 18. Featuring Dr Peter Minter (University of Sydney).



Invited participant, Writing from the South: writers in conversation, April 10-12, State Library of NSW, convened by JM Coetzee and Gail Jones.


International Guest, 2018 International Literary Writing Program of Jilin, China, October 8-21.

‘Working with the Humedal Antiñir: transcultural, poetic ethnography in southern Chile’, English and Creative Writing Seminar Series, University of Adelaide, October 5.

'Transculturalism and Translocalism in the South’, Writing and Society Research Centre Seminar Series, Western Sydney University, August 17.

(Representing the Australian Academy of the Humanities) ‘Translating an Oral Tradition: challenges, possibilities and resistance’, Oral and Written Literature and Beyond: Chinese and Australian Ethnic and Aboriginal Literature, Guizhou Minzu University, Guiyang, China, July 27-28.

Poetry reading, Molasses Books, New York City, USA, April 6.


Poetry reading, Chopin Theatre, Chicago, USA, November 5.

Poetry reading, KGB Bar, New York City, USA, October 22.

Poetry reading, Poets House, New York City, USA, October 3.

'Aboriginal Oral Poetics: an introduction’, 2017 Australian Academy of the Humanities – Chinese Academy of the Social Sciences Literature Symposium, University of Queensland, September 4-5.


‘Ethological Poetics and the Albert’s Lyrebird’, Speculative Ethologies, Curtin University, December 1-3.

‘Four Ways of Understanding Place’ (undergraduate lecture), Queensland University of Technology, September 17.

(Keynote address) ‘Australian Bricolage’, Active Aesthetics: contemporary Australian poetry, University of California, Berkeley, USA, April 15.

Poetry reading, Active Aesthetics: contemporary Australian poetry. ‘What is Voice?’ (undergraduate lecture), RMIT University, April 4.


‘Trans-species Poetics: crossing cultures into the poetics of the Albert’s Lyrebird’, Transcultural Ecopoetics: decolonising Australian landscape poetry, University of Sydney, November 29.


(Keynote address) ‘Two Stories of Fire: transcultural ecopoetics’, Green Education Festival, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines, October 24.

‘The New Environmental Poetry’, Apoetic Poetry Festival, NSW Writers’ Centre, June 30.

‘Bursting (back) to Life: some thoughts on the translation of Aboriginal Songpoetry’, Experimental Ethnographies, Broome, April 20.


Poetry reading, Translating Environments, Manila, Philippines, May 5.

(Keynote address) ‘Anaphora: a poetics of sound’, IYAS National Young Writers’ Workshop, Bacolod, Philippines, April 29.

‘Poems on the Edge: some thoughts about contemporary Australian poetics’, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines, March 28.


International Guest, International Poetry Festival, Granada, Nicaragua, February 7-14.



Chair of judging panel for Judith Wright Calanthe Poetry Prize at 2018 Queensland Literary Awards.

Member of selection committee for 2019 Residential Fellowships at Varuna Writers’ House.

Co-judge (with Dr Jessica Wilkinson) of Venie Holmgren Environmental Poetry Prize.


Co-judge (with Assoc. Prof. Sarah Holland Batt & Assoc. Prof. Maria Takolander) of Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize.


Editorial Board member, Plumwood Mountain: an Australian journal of ecopoetry and ecopoetics,  <>.


Editorial Board member, Rabbit: a journal for nonfiction poetry, <>.


Founding Editor, Environmental Humanities, <>.


Chloë Callistemon, ‘The Role of Emotion and Aesthetics in Multimedia Poetry' (creative project with exegesis).

Ameer Chasib Furaih, ‘Black Poetics, Black Politics: Poetry of the Civil Rights Movements in Australia and the United States, 1960-1980.’

Giulia Lepori, ‘Popular Ecological Imaginaries: Literary Actors of Sustainable Change.’

Alexandra McCallum, ‘Wednesday: The novel, urban landscapes and mythicity’ (creative project with exegesis).

Moira Sheppard, ‘Historical & Contemporary Representations of Animals in Literature.’

Anne Stuart, ‘Climate Change and Ecopoetry.’