Professor Maxime Aubert is an archaeologist  and a geochemist specializing on the dating of ancient human remains and rock art. Maxime's research focuses on the evolutionary processes that led to the emergence of our species. His research has been published in the world’s leading interdisciplinary science journal, Nature.


Work: (07) 5552 7843



Doctor of Philosphy (Earth Sciences), Université du Québec In collaboration with Australian National University, Canada, 2009

Master of Science (Earth Sciences - Geochemistry), Université du Québec, Canada, 2004

Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology (major) and Anthropology (minor), Université Laval, Canada, 2000

Refereed journal articles  (Total of 43 including 4 in Nature and 1 in PNAS)


Kurniawan, R., Kadja, G.T.M., Setiawan, P., Burhan, B.,  Oktaviana, A.A., Rustan, Hakim, B., Aubert, M., Brumm, A., Ismunandara. (2019). Chemistry of prehistoric rock art pigments from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Microchemical Journal 146: 227-233.


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before 2010

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Book chapters  (Total of 5)

Taçon, PS.C., Ramli, M., Hakim, B., Brumm, A., Aubert, M. (2018). The Archaeology of Sulawesi. In Terra Australis, 478: 31-42.

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Selected reports

Morse, K., Cameron, R., Aubert, M. (2010). Archaeological Investigations at Mindy Mindy Northwest of Newman WA. Unpublished report for Consolidated Minerals Ltd.

Paterson, A., Aubert, M., Morse, K., Cameron, R. (2010). Background briefing advice regarding possible impacts of emissions from proposed James Price Point Liquid Natural Gas hub, Western Australia on Kimberley rock art. Unpublished report for Kimberley Land Council.

Other publications

Brumm, A., Aubert, M., Setiawan, P. (2018). Borneo cave discovery: is the world’s oldest rock art in Southeast Asia?

Brumm, A., Aubert, M., Setiawan, P. (2018). Temuan gua Borneo: apakah gambar cadas tertua di dunia di Asia Tenggara?

Aubert, M. (2016). The Oldest Art on Earth, Audi Magazine, Spring, 49

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Taçon, P., Brumm, A., Aubert, M. (2014). 40,000 year old rock art found in Indonesia

Research Grants (Total of ~$4,181,000 AUD)

2019-22: Australian Research Council (ARC), Discovery Projects scheme. Pathways through Tropical Sahul: The Archaeology of the Great Papuan Plateau – DP190100159 (Chief Investigator with Bryce Barker, Lara Lamb, Andrew Fairbairn & Matthew Leavesley (549,747AUD) plus 545,580 AUD from administering and partner organisations)

2017-18: National Geographic Society (NGS). Prehistory of the Karawari region in East Sepik, Papua New Guinea (Chief Investigator with Francois-X Ricaut, Alois Kuaso, Matthew Leavesley and Hubert Forestier) 29,315 USD (38,684 AUD)

2017-18: National Geographic Society (NGS). Prehistory of the Karawari region in East Sepik, Papua New Guinea (Chief Investigator with Francois-X Ricaut, Alois Kuaso, Matthew Leavesley and Hubert Forestier) 29,315 USD (38,684 AUD)

2017-21: Australian Research Council (ARC), Future Fellowship. The unknown ‘Ice Age’ artists of Borneo – FT170100025 (Sole Investigator) (1,011,616 AUD) plus 1,054,289 AUD from administering organisation

2014-17: Australian Research Council (ARC), Discovery Early Career Researcher.  Award (DECRA) The oldest rock art in Asia and the early human occupation of island Southeast Asia – DE140100254 (Sole Investigator) (395,205 AUD) plus 96,459 AUD from administering organisation

2013: Australian Synchrotron The age and character of the Kimberley rock art assemblage, WA (Chief Investigator with Helen Brand and Jillian Huntley) (61,200 AUD)

2011-13: Australian Research Council (ARC), Discovery Projects scheme. A Reliable Absolute Chronology for the Aboriginal Rock Art in the Kimberley,Western Australia - DP110102898 (Sole Investigator) (310,000 AUD)

2010-11: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). International Task Group on Rock Art Research (Chief Investigator with Daniel Arsenault, Margarita Díaz-Andreu, Serge Lemaitre and Paul Taçon) 75,000 CAD (75,669 AUD)

2010-11: National Geographic Society (NGS). Return to Oomarri: Dating and Preserving North-Western Australian Indigenous Rock Art (Chief Investigator with Martin Porr, Liam Brady and Ambrose Mungala Chalarimeri) 15,000 USD (15,260 AUD)

2008-9: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Rock Art Research Task Group (Chief Investigator with Daniel Arsenault, Serge Lemaitre, Paul Taçon and Laurier Turgeon, 25,000 CAD (27,197 AUD)

Equipment Grants (Total of $1,360,000 AUD)

2017: Griffith University Research Infrastructure Program (GURIP). Understanding Australasian Rock Art through Archaeological Science (Chief Investigator with Jilian Huntley and Paul Taçon) (175,150 AUD)

2014: Australian Research Council (ARC), Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme. Innovative isotopic techniques to study the response of soil and water resources to modern and past climate change – LE140100023 (Chief Investigator with Anthony Dosseto, and 12 others) (360,000 AUD) plus 700,000 AUD from administering and partner organisations

2012: Research Infrastructure Block Grants (RIBG) Surface Area Analyser with Applications to Geoscience, Archaeology, Material Sciences and Engineering (Chief Investigator with Anthony Dosseto and 24 others) (74,750 AUD)

2012: Research Infrastructure Block Grants (RIBG) Hand-Held XRF Analytical Facility (Chief Investigator with Allen Nutman and 7 others) (50,000 AUD)

Fellowships (Total of $1,378,000 AUD)

2017-2021: Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship (855,000 AUD) included in Research Grant

2014-16: Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) (278,000 AUD) included in Research Grant

2011-13: Australian Research Council (ARC) Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) (245,000 AUD) included in Research Grant

Scholarships (Total of ~$151,000 AUD)

2004-7: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) 90,000 CAD (103,191 AUD)

2004-7: Makivik Corporation  30,000 CAD  (34,397 AUD)

2001: Université Laval 10,000 CAD  (13,538 AUD)

Academic Distinctions

  • Vice Chancellor's Research Excellence Award - Outstanding Research Achievement, Griffith University (2014)
  • Early Career Research Award, Arts, Education and Law Group, Griffith University (2014)

Laboratory Expertise

Preparation of samples, operation and interpretation of results from the following analytical chemistry techniques:

·     Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry with Multi Collectors MC-ICPMS (solution and laser ablation; uranium-series and strontium isotopes)

·     Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry ICPMS (solution and laser ablation)

·     Sensitive High Resolution Ion Micro Probe SHRIMP (oxygen isotopes)

·     Accelerator Mass Spectrometry AMS (radiocarbon)

·     X-Ray Fluorescence XRF

·     X-Ray Diffraction XRD

·     Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectroscopy FTIR

·     Scanning Electron Microscopy - Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis SEM - EDXA

Postgraduate Research Supervision


Samuel Dix (in progress). Hands across the Nation: Culture of Contact: the impact of contact period encounters on rock art, wooden object and bark painting depictions from the Northern  Territory.PhD of Archaeology, School of Humanities, Griffith University. Co-supervision with Paul Taçon and Sally May (Griffith University)

Irina Ponomareva (in progress). Archaeological Investigation of Rock Art In the Altai, Siberia, PhD of Archaeology School of Humanities, Griffith University. Co-supervision with Paul Taçon (Griffith University)

Andrea Jalandoni (2018). Archaeological Investigation of Rock Art In the Philippines. PhD of Archaeology, School of Humanities, Griffith University. Co-supervision with Paul Taçon (Griffith University)

Ashley Martin (2016). Rates of Earth Surface Processes Constrained by Uranium-series Isotopes. PhD of Earth Sciences, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Wollongong. Co-supervision with Anthony Dosseto (University of Wollongong, Australia)

Jillian Huntley (2015) Messages in Paint: An Archaeometric Investigation of the Rock Art of the North-Western Kimberley, Western Australia. PhD of Archaeology, School of Humanities,University of New England, Armidale Co-supervision with June Ross (University of New England, Australia)

Jennifer Milani (2010). Unveiling Rock Art Images: A Pilot Project Innovatively Employing Geophysical Techniques to Detect Magnetic Signatures. Unpublished Master of Archaeology thesis, Department of Archaeology, Flinders University, Adelaide. Co-supervision with Ian Moffat and Amy Roberts (Flinders University, Australia)