Associate Professor Halim Rane leads the Islam-West Relations field of study at Griffith University. His research focuses on the Islamic faith and political Islam, narratives and counter-narratives of Islamist extremism, maqasid and contextualisation in Islamic hermeneutics, media reporting on Islam and Muslim communities in the West. He has authored six books, over 30 journal articles and over a dozen book chapters on Islamic and Muslim issues. A number of his books are required reading in Islamic studies courses at various universities around Australia. Assoc. Prof. Rane is a co-founder and executive member of the Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (AAIMS). In 2015 he was awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award of Australian University Teacher of the Year.


Work: (07) 3735 5160



Doctor of Philosophy

Griffith University, 2008

Certificate IV in Government

Charles Sturt University, 2005

Master of Arts

Bond University, 2000

Bachelor of Human Sciences,

Int Islamic University, 1998


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2014 AEL Collaborative Research Project Grant, “Beyond Faith: Social marginalisation

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*A complete list of publications, including citations, can be found on Google Scholar.

2018 CVE Training Audit and Needs Analysis (RIMS 50854): $33,866, Queensland Police Service

2018 Co-responder Model Scoping Project (RIMS 50853): $28,035, Queensland Police Service

Review of Interoperability (RIMS 50893): $33,942, Queensland Police Service

and the prevention of radicalisation among young Muslim Australians”.

2014 Griffith Centre for Cultural Research (GCCR) Grant, “The Impact of Muslim Immigration on Muslim Communities in Australia”.

2013 Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISTRE) Grant, “Bridging the Divide in Islam-West Relations”.

2011 Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Grant, “Short-Term Student Mobility: Bridging the Divide between Islam and the West”.

2011 Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance (KELJAG) Grant, “9/11 Audiences: A Decade On”.

2010 Griffith Office of Research Grant, “Terrible Ideas: Mapping Extremist Belief Systems”.

Natcha Krisneepaiboon (2017) The Role of Mobile Telephony in Multicultural Australia: A Case Study of Thai, Hmong and Rohingya Communities Thesis (PhD Doctorate)

Pisapat Youkongpun (2017) The Role of Community-based Media in Strengthening, Preserving and Promoting Identity and Culture: A Case Study of Eastern Thailand Thesis (PhD Doctorate)

Abdi Hersi (2016) Australian Muslims’ Conceptions of Integration

Mubashar Hasan (2016) Ummah(s), Islam and Politics in Bangladesh Thesis (PhD Doctorate)
Eulalia Han Ni (2011) Australia's Policy on the Israel-Palestine Peace Process: Influences and Implications Thesis (PhD Doctorate)