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We believe the best way to change things is through cycles of action, reflection, and learning.

Our nature is to do first, learn through doing, share what works, and generate insights on what might be possible next. We want to share what we know, what we think and the resources we create, to enable as many people as possible, to create as much impact as possible.

Find out what we mean by impact economy and how it’s taking shape - through the lens of business, investment and trade.

Our thinking

Introduction to the Impact Economy

The case for an ‘impact economy’ brings together a number of progressive ideas, strategies and practices that are gaining traction and challenging the prevailing model of capitalism.

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Impact Investment Provocations

The purpose of this series of provocations on Impact Investment is to promote dialogue and contribute to new thinking about the potential for transformational impact investing in Australia, New Zealand and the wider Asia-Pacific.

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Resources for you

A Guide to Impact Enterprise

Exploring the characteristics, applications and diversity of organisations that use business to creative positive societal impact

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Business Model Canvas for Social Enterprise Design

This is the second edition of a booklet that was first published in 2013, which outlined how Dr Ingrid Burkett had used, tested and learnt about the Business Model Canvas in designing and growing social enterprises.

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Mapping Queensland's Impact Innovation Support Ecosystem

Mapping people and organisations engaged in social impact, innovation and enterprise activities

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Roadmap to Recovery and Regeneration

Stimulus and rescue measures will be critical to recovery from COVID-19. We can intentionally design these measures to reshape our economy so it's better for the world and everyone in it. This roadmap offers a mission-led innovation framework for a regenerative approach to pandemic recovery.

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