Mapping people and organisations engaged in social impact, innovation, and enterprise activities.

As part of the 2019 ‘Social Enterprise Sector Stand-up Project’ (SESP), led by QSEC and Griffith University, a number of discovery, action research, and engagement activities were undertaken.

This included crowdsourcing a map of the impact innovation ecosystem in Queensland, and creating a directory of supports available to people and organisations engaged in social impact, innovation, and enterprise activities.

The map also includes national and international supports / service providers, where the offer is available and accessible to actors in Queensland.

Download the mapping spreadsheet

To structure the map, we have used the Centre's Elements of a Social Innovation Ecosystem matrix. Each category shown here has its own worksheet in the spreadsheet.

Two data sources have been combined to create the listings found in the spreadsheet:

  1. a crowdsourced survey distributed to the SESP Navigators Group and their networks in May-June 2019
  2. a desk-top enviro-scan of supports related to social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and social finance / impact investment.

Both of these sources were mostly generated before July 2019 (with some exceptions), and therefore reflect activity as it was at that time.

The document aims to help improve the visibility and accessibility of the ecosystem support currently available to the impact community in Queensland. The information in this first version is extensive but will, inevitably, not be comprehensive – it is best understood as a 'working document' that will be iterated, and added to, over time.

This is a partnership project between QSEC and the Yunus Centre, that will also include semi-regular surveys and data analysis of the social enterprise and impact innovation sector in Queensland.

We welcome any updates, corrections or additions – please email with the relevant information. We plan to refresh the map on an annual basis but will make interim updates where information is misleading or incorrect.