Our world is interdependent

We live and work within complex systems. And lots of them are failing too many people. No, one, discipline or organisation can reform them on their own. We need people with the know-how, mindsets and resources to innovate and create change across every industry and profession - together. This is the future of work.

Our courses will help you understand the conditions, levers and possibilities for change, and equip you with the tools to create that change.

At The Yunus Centre we use business and innovation as a means to pursue better outcomes for people, places and our planet. Innovate with us.


Social & Cultural Entrepreneurship (2044IBA)

Explore how innovation approaches can be used for the common good, and the key success factors of delivering both commercial and societal outcomes.

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The Business of Changing the World (3038IBA)

Develop your analytical and leadership skills in identifying, analysing and assessing how businesses can contribute to generating positive change and address social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges.

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Work Integrated Learning for Impact (3101GBS)

Work integrated learning with impact at it's core! Find out what it's like to work, as a student-team, in a mission-led organisation. You'll gain work experience AND the satisfaction of knowing you've contributed to positive change.

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Innovation for Impact (7711IBA)

This course introduces you to the opportunities mission-oriented innovation creates for generating smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. You will embark on designing and evaluating an innovative project that could contribute to responding to challenges as diverse as growing inequality, ageing populations, climate change and declines in biodiversity.

What sort of things will you learn?

Creating Impact Through Enterprise

Get a taste for the types of concepts you'll learn about with The Yunus Centre in this online lecture from Professor of Practice, Alex Hannant (26 min).

How to be a Changemaker

Five experienced social entrepreneurs share what skills you need if you want to create positive impact through business.


"Working alongside The Yunus Centre has been a life-changing experience. Their commitment to providing flexible and student-focused learning gave me a range of experiences that development my technical skillset and deepened my understanding of impact-led innovation. Through my internship, I was given the opportunity to innovate in my own area of study – illustration and design – and collaborate with their staff in a professional work environment. This set an essential foundation for my future career. Likewise, through exposure to social enterprises across Brisbane, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of how business principles could be applied to creating social and environmental impact."

Resources for the Impact Economy

Our nature is to do first, learn through doing, share what works, and generate
insights on what might be possible next.

Short Courses

As well as our credit-bearing university courses we offer a series of shorter dynamic courses for anyone to build their own journey toward the impact economy.