Creating social impact and a regenerative economy

Impact-led innovation is the business of The Yunus Centre at Griffith University. Our purpose is to equip people with the know-how to navigate change and create positive, regenerative impact. We are interested in how total societal impact can be created through new models of innovation, entrepreneurship, and enterprise. ​We deliver this through practice-focussed learning, supporting innovation and demonstration projects and delivering agenda-setting insights and knowledge.

The Centre is part of Griffith Business School and based out of the Logan Campus. We are active across Griffith’s campuses and work at local, regional, national, and international levels.

Specifically, we’re focused on:

  1. Navigating impact-led innovation: understanding the history, context and conditions for societal change and the impact economy.​
  2. Developing impact literacy: improving capabilities for designing, measuring and demonstrating impact.​
  3. Growing the impact economy: designing and implementing impact-led approaches to investment, market building, commissioning and collective action.​
  4. Fostering impact entrepreneurship: capability building for changemaking, venture development and blended business models.

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Partners and associated programs

Griffith University, along with Logan City Council and Redland City Council, are the lead partners in the Queensland State Government's Advancing Regional Innovation Program which aims to turn our regions into hubs for innovation and enterprise.

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