Recognising and rewarding academic excellence

The GBS Academic Excellence Society was established in 2014 to recognise and reward academic excellence. Membership is open to current undergraduate business students who have achieved a high level of academic excellence in the first half of their undergraduate degree. ACES rewards its members with access to professional development events, and networking opportunities with peers and staff. Facilitated by Griffith Business School, the Society is shaped by the interests and activities of its members.

Benefits of membership:

  • Welcome communication from Dean (Learning and Teaching)
  • Dean’s ACES Certificate
  • Exclusive access to a corporate coach service
  • Priority access to events, programs and memberships
  • Dedicated ACES Hub access for ACES members only
  • ACES events co-ordinated by GBS staff and ACES members
  • Dean's List certificate for students who achieve a 6.5+ GPA on graduation, with recognition at a celebration event
  • Access to ACES LinkedIn group

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ACES members in the spotlight

Each month the GBS Academic Excellence Society (ACES) will shine a spotlight on one of our excelling members to be displayed on the ACES communication channels. The ACES Spotlight aims to increase the nominated member’s professional portfolio in preparation of their entry into their chosen field or industry.

This month, we shine a spotlight on Jordan Leadbetter.

Jordan is completing a Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of International Business. At the age of two, Jordan was diagnosed with Autism. Although his parents were told that his outlook was not bright, they’ve continued to believe in him, support and encourage him through hard times. Now, together with his consistent hard work, Jordan is in his third year of study and is progressing well.

Jordan is majoring in Japanese Language as well as Logistics and Supply Chain Management. His choice of study options was influenced by a visit to India when he was young where he visited two orphanages that his grandparents owned. It was through this experience that Jordan developed a keen interest of working in the international environment where he can help connect Australians with Asia.

Jordan received the Griffith Award for Academic Excellence in 2018, 2019 and 2020. In Trimester 3 2019, Jordan fulfilled his dream and undertook a Global Mobility Internship where he worked in Japan for seven weeks! This ignited a new passion and dream to help develop the relation between Japan and Australia through working in Japan.

In addition to Jordan’s outstanding academic performance, he was accepted into the Griffith Business School Leadership Program and the Leading Learning Program helping in developing educational resources to empower students learning. Jordan is looking forward to giving back through these programs.

We wish Jordan continued success with his studies and in achieving his career aspiration of working internationally to help connect Australians with Asia.

Last month, we shone a spotlight on Melissa Bansraj.

Melissa joined Griffith University in 2017, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/ Bachelor of Government and International Relations and is excelling in her chosen field.

Having embarked on the lengthy journey that comes with a BLaws(Hons)/BGIR double degree, Melissa doesn’t shy away from hard work. With only a few courses remaining, her ambition and motivation shows her to be on track to graduate a year earlier than is traditionally expected with such a full program. It is this same motivation that drives her to help others both within Griffith and local communities, which has not gone unnoticed by Griffith or her peers.

At Griffith, Melissa has been President and Committee Member for the Student Representative Council (SRC), Education Officer for the Griffith University Law Society (GULS), Editor of the Griffith Law Journal and a Griffith Business School Student Leader. In addition, Melissa has made the most of the opportunities offered at Griffith by participating in industry mentoring program. For her local community, Melissa is a member and mentor of local youth action groups and advisory panels, as well as assisting the local court in relation to domestic violence and criminal law matters.

Melissa has also been the recipient of a Griffith Award for Academic Excellence, Griffith Scholarships and is the GULS Open Moot Champion.

Upon graduating, Melissa wishes to become a criminal law defence lawyer, with the ultimate goal of becoming a barrister specialising in criminal law. She chooses this career as she takes great pride in helping others, and being a lawyer is the best way to do that.  When she’s not studying, she enjoys reading, music, painting, outdoor activities, sport and catching up with friends.

Melissa has achieved so much already in her short time at Griffith and we’re excited to see the tremendous impact she will have once reaching her aspirations in becoming a Barrister.


Further ACES events coming in 2021!

Past events:

Leadership in a crisis webinar event for ACES members

During this event the panel explored the concept of 'crisis leadership', and the tools used by experienced business leaders to manage and thrive in a crisis. Topics covered during the session included: crisis experiences; the distinction between crisis leadership and crisis management; and the skills required to be a leader in a crisis.
  • Amelia Condi CMgr FIML - Head of Government Relations and Policy, Summer Foundation
  • Cherie Curtis CMgr FIML - Chief Executive Officer, Revelian
  • Alistair Tavares CMgr MIML - Manager – Destination Development, Ipswich City Council

Date: 18 November 2020

Connecting with Industry in a COVID World – Live event

The ACES Team hosted industry networking legend Hayley Angell, as well as Griffith career experts Lauren Caramella and Nicole Graham for an interactive discussion which covered strategies to connect with industry in our COVID environment. Key messages included:

  • When connecting with industry for various purposes (e.g. employment, work experience and mentoring) - Be Intentional, Be Accountable, and Be Authentic;
  • Opportunities are attached to people; and
  • You do not have to be on every social media platform to build effective connections.

ACES members can access the video recording in the ACES Member Event Recordings channel on Microsoft Teams.

Date: 3 September 2020

Meet our Dean

Dean of Learning and Teaching, Professor Mark Brimble spoke about learning and teaching in the COVID-19 environment. ACES members had the opportunity to network post-event with their ACES colleagues

Date: 4 August 2020