Acknowledging and rewarding academic excellence and co-curricular achievement

Griffith Business School offers a series of awards designed to acknowledge and reward academic excellence and co-curricular achievement amongst current undergraduate students.

Academic awards

Academic Achievement Award - by degree, by year

The Griffith Business School Academic Achievement Awards recognise students who are achieving at the highest levels in each of the undergraduate degree programs hosted by the School.

They are awarded to the student(s) who achieve the highest aggregate results in their program in an academic year. This is awarded by degree program and by year level.

Value: $1000 cash

Pro Vice Chancellor (Business) Academic Excellence Award

The Pro Vice Chancellor (Business) Academic Excellence Award recognises overall outstanding academic achievement of a candidate undertaking a degree hosted by Griffith Business School.

It is awarded to the student who achieves the highest aggregate results of all students in undergraduate programs hosted by Griffith Business School.

Value: $1500 cash

Co-curricular awards


The School's Leadership Award recognises an undergraduate student who has demonstrated responsible leadership and who demonstrates the highest levels of integrity and ethical behaviour in their academic or community endeavours.

Value: $500 cash


The School's Sustainability Award recognises an undergraduate student who demonstrates an outstanding commitment to sustainability, including social, environmental or business sustainability.

The work of the recipient may be in service to Griffith University or the wider community.

Value: $500 cash


The School's (Global) Community Service Award recognises undergraduate students who provide outstanding service to the community, whether a professional, industry, or neighbourhood/community, or charitable organisation.

Students may demonstrate service to their local community or to the international community through such activities as community development projects and/or volunteering here or abroad.

Value: $500 cash


The Griffith Business School BusinessPLUS Award recognises an undergraduate student who has demonstrated strong engagement in the Griffith BusinessPLUS program. The BusinessPLUS program supports and encourages GBS students to participate in career enhancing activities that support their employability.

Value: 3 awards available valued at $250 each

Selection panel

A small selection panel will be established for each of these Awards. All of the stipulated Awards are available each year but will only be awarded if appropriate, qualified nominations are received.

The selection panel reserves the right not to award in a specific category in the event that no suitably qualified candidate is identified.


To be eligible for consideration for any of the Awards above a candidate must be enrolled as a student of Griffith Business School.


Award recipients may be invited by the Pro Vice Chancellor (Business), a Dean or Program Director to join them as a guest of the School at the Annual Alumni Dinner and Awards Night. This is considered an additional means to engage them with our community and engender a sense of connectedness and pride.

Public recognition

Recipients will be recognised and receive their Award at an event hosted by Griffith Business School.

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