About Yannick

Experienced in strategic branding, positioning and digital marketing, Yannick works from an outside-in approach and treats the customer as the starting point of all marketing activities.

Yannick's mission

Nowadays' (social) media infrastructure is increasingly forming filter bubbles – drawing people apart, rather than bringing them together. This polarisation is not beneficial for the long-term growth of our communities. Therefore, Yannick is determined to reinforce and bring together social groups so that they can uplift their community with a joint effort.

His Digital Marketing work

Yannick's work with the Centre is driving on our marketing efforts to infinity and beyond, including a redesign of our website (launched early 2018), a content strategy to meet our client's information needs and the delivery of the new Digital Marketing Masterclasses together with Dr Timo Dietrich.

Awards, publications & more


Award for Academic Excellence (2017) (top 5% academic achieving students)

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Take control: turn off your notifications and produce.

~ Yannick van Hierden

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