Taking part in multiple social marketing projects and several social marketing systematic literature reviews, Ville is now writing up his PhD dissertation on the Viisi Per Päivä campaign. He is aiming to finish in 2018.

Ville's vision

As the current times call for help to tackle a variety of social issues around the world, social marketing has a huge chance to showcase what is so great about it. The capability to not outrank every other tactic, but to gather the best strategies together, to create human-centred products, services, campaigns that really have a measurable and long-lasting impact on people.

His current project

Viisi Per Päivä (Five a day): This is a project aiming to get Finnish children to eat more fruit and vegetables (F&V) on a daily basis. The full Viisi Per Päivä program included a cooking and tasting class at school and recipes bundled with F&V discount vouchers to the local supermarket. Read more here.

Change 2018 keynote

Action changes attitude faster than attitudes changes action.

~ Adam Ferrier

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