About Sameer

Sameer is a world citizen with Indian roots and universal migrant labour work ethic and life attitude. He is driven by social change for the better that utilizes both heart and head.

Sameer's mission

Sameer will continue to spread among social change enthusiasts, the truth on the bouquet of flowers called social marketing; what it is and what it can do well and use this powerful framework to partner with communities to address four key challenges the world faces today, i.e. overpopulation, poor levels of girl child education, freshwater shortage, and lack of peace and harmony.

There is no escape from focused and relentless hard work. Again, with a migrant labour attitude, Sameer considers no work at any time of the day or week of lower value.

What inspires Sameer

Mahatma Gandhi and his parents have been Sameer’s biggest influencers. Parents’ work and moral ethics, as well as the worldview, has shaped Sameer’s thinking and career choice. In teenage years, Sameer got drawn to Gandhi’s charisma, which hasn’t waned yet. What he did and how he implemented his strategies helps Sameer every time he is in doubt.

His projects

Sameer is collaborating on back pain prevention research with experts from around the world. Back pain is the #1 reported problem in most countries in the world. Back pain prevention initiatives seen from a social marketing lens is helping us to understand how the healthcare sector can effectively promote appropriate behaviours.

Overpopulation negatively affects the developmental gains in India. The government of India over 70 years has actively marketed condoms (among other contraceptives) to promote family planning and prevent HIV/AIDS. Sameer’s study has helped us to understand how the government of India has handled the influence of foreign aid agencies and overcome cultural barriers while promoting condoms. Sameer is also involved in theorizing social marketing, promoting physical activity in Canada, and reducing demand for illegal wildlife products in South-East Asia.

Mindfulness and the resulting balance enrich our existence.

~ A/Prof Sameer Deshpande

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