As a social marketing Ph.D. candidate and research assistant, Ryan has experience in quantitative and qualitative research, with a particular interest in the food environment and improving the availability and accessibility of healthier food options for disadvantaged consumers.

Ryan's mission

His mission is to combat the rapidly expanding obesity crisis in Australia’s most vulnerable communities.

His current projects

Assessment of the Food Environment by Remoteness of Areas within South-East Queensland: This study utilises quantitative observational research to identify disparities in healthfulness of food environments based on geographic location, it seeks to determine whether unhealthy food is significantly more accessible within remote communities as opposed to inner-city locations.

Development and Evaluation of EATS: A Measurement Tool for Australian Dietary Guidelines: This study seeks to expand upon the above, developing a new measurement tool based on updated dietary guidelines, the objective is to provide a more accurate picture of the Australian food environment which will inform and guide policy makers and future research.

Awards & More


Certified Member of the Golden Key (2015), Griffith Award for Academic Excellence (2015)

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

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