Pamela's mission

Pamela believes in the potential of preventive interventions' impact on future behaviour. Therefore, Pamela's mission is to promote positive and pro-social behaviours in individuals in order to benefit society as a whole.

Her current projects

Along with Hyper Theory creative tech agency as industry partner, Pamela is designing and evaluating a gamified social marketing program that promotes empathy and pro-social behaviour in children. Her PhD research explores the motivations and barriers of empathy and related behaviours in order to create effective behaviour change initiatives. This preventive intervention aims to impact the development of future negative behaviours such as aggression and bullying.

YSVA Prevention ProjectYoung adults together down a street

Designing Community-Led Action Plans

A Queensland Government funded project aiming to enhance community safety for young people in Toowoomba and Bundaberg. The project involves working with young people, caregivers, and key stakeholders to set priorities and co-design locally tailored responses that will be implemented in the local community.

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Activate Entertainment Scholarship 2018 First class Honours research 2018 Award for Academic Excellence 2018 (top 5% academic achieving students) Griffith University International Postgraduate Research Scholarship 2019

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Education is the main tool for empowerment and social development.

- Pamela Saleme

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