Coming from a multimedia & digital marketing background, Murooj is passionate about engaging people with different messages and the right media platforms. Her vision is to master the role of emotions in social marketing programs to design more effective behaviour change messages.

Murooj's mission

Murooj’s mission is to develop a clear guide for social advertisers and social marketers to help them create the most effective behaviour change advertising campaigns. To understand human engagement and interaction with different messages, Murooj utilises biometric technologies such as eye-trackers, skin conductors and heart rate monitors to identify the most persuasive and effective emotional-based advertisements.

Her current projects

Murooj is currently undertaking her PhD researching the effectiveness of various emotional appeals in social advertising with a focus on illegal dumping behaviour. Findings from Murooj’s PhD research will guide the development of future social advertising messages aiming to utilise emotions in behaviour change campaigns.

Awards & More


Awarded School of Information & Communication Technology Multimedia Award (2017), University Medal for High Achievers (2018)

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