Combining practical and theoretical insight to understanding how to leverage consumption behaviour, Marie-Louise has a particular focus on moderate consumption of alcohol among adults.

Marie-Louise's mission

Marie-Louise has an endless curiosity for what makes people tick and why they do the things they do. With this in mind, her key driver is to inspire people to change their behaviour for good in a way that is inspirational, credible and relevant.

Her current project

Driving alcohol behaviour change: Marie-Louise works on multiple alcohol behaviour change projects exploring the value of social networking and technology as mechanisms to create cultural change towards moderation. Working with consumers understanding their interactions with others and within society is critical in this age of social connectivity.

Awards, publications & more


Emerald Literati Excellence Award “Outstanding paper” (2017), Emerald Literati Excellence Award “Outstanding paper” (2016), Australian Association of Social Marketing: Service Recognition Award (2014), GBS Griffith University PVC’s annual Research Excellence Awards in the category of Research (2012), American Marketing Association Research Symposia on Marketing and Enterprise, Best Paper Award (2000).

Research profile

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Inspired change comes from truly engaging in understanding the social issue from the consumer’s perspective. From this behavioural insight can be harnessed to create a powerful, inspiring social exchange offer that is credible and relevant in the eyes of the consumer.

~ Dr Marie-Louise Fry

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