About Julia

Working under a collaborative research agreement between Griffith University and Defence Science & Technology, Julia’s research investigates the application of social marketing to improve eating behaviour for individual and societal benefit, and in particular through the creation of supportive environments to increase the impact of individually focussed strategies.

Julia's mission

Her goal is to broaden social marketing research and practice beyond individually-focussed approaches, to include environmental strategies to effect more change. She is committed to fostering partnered relationships that deliver translational research that provides community impact.

Projects she is currently working on

Modifying Defence food environments (National): This project aims to change aspects of the military mess environment to support more healthful eating habits, and to quantify the effect of those changes. Read more about the project here.

Military marketing and consumer behaviour (National): This project is developing an understanding of how soldiers make decisions regarding equipment, food and eating practices. This understanding will help with the development of programs and services that support the enhancement of military capability.

Awards, publications & more


Best Academic Paper, World Social Marketing conference (2015), Highly Commended Paper, Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence (2015).

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Julia’s interest lies in partnered research to achieve a meaningful impact on society. Rather than working isolated and independently, she believes that synergy of a collaboration between researchers and practitioners could benefit the outcomes.

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