Jessica's mission is to build a robust program that will ensure all Australian Defence Force (ADF) members can eat healthfully. She wishes to work within the Social Marketing team, ensuring sustained change within ADF healthy eating programs and community-related projects.

Her current projects

PhD: Jessica's PhD project works with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) on exploring how individual habits (established during the life course) intersect with perceptions of eating breakfast and in turn influence breakfast choices. She will develop and test a program aiming to increase breakfast eating within the ADF.

Leave It: Jessica is the Project Manager for 'Leave It' project. 'Leave It’ is a social marketing program aiming to reduce koala and domestic dog clashes in a local city council in Australia. A co-design activity that puts the focus on the dogs rather than koalas.

Her inspiration

Jessica's inspiration comes from helping change peoples behaviour and thought processes and seeing them want to change. She is very meticulous in the way she works and likes to have a good skeleton before writing anything - lists are big for her.

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Academic of the Year - 2015

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