Always striving for the best possible user experience, Jeremy is developing easy-to-follow and user-friendly experiences.

Jeremy's mission

Jeremy always seeks out what will provide the friendliest user experience. Whether that is through websites, applications or online courses, he aims to deliver engaging, intuitive, and interactive content that users will retain and remember. Being able to properly implement intuitive, clean and simple looking content – regardless of how complex it really is – is what's most gratifying for him.

His projects

Blurred Minds: Blurred Minds is a cutting-edge drug and alcohol education program for high school students. He is currently working with them in order to provide an online delivery of the program while ensuring it engaging and fun.

TRAFFIC: TRAFFIC is a leading non-governmental organisation working globally on trade in wild animals and plants in the context of both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. He is currently working to create an online course to provide the necessary knowledge and tools required to help changing behaviour.

O-it: Funded by the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Program the first pilot was launched in January 2020. O-it aims to increase the quality of goods donated to Australian charities and over the next three years, we will be running a series of pilots and working with Australian charities to roll out a nationwide campaign.

Awards & more


Opmantek Award for Best Industry Project 2016

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...the height of sophistication is simplicity.

~ "Stuffed Shirts" by Clare Boothe Luce, 1931

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