Focusing on food waste from a social marketing perspective, Jeawon is currently undertaking a PhD at Social Marketing @ Griffith.

Jeawon's vision

Jeawon believes that social marketing can be a solution to social issues, thus, studying social marketing allows her to positively contribute to the world that we are living.

Her current project

Food waste behaviour: In her PhD, her future research aims to test the feasibility of applying a social marketing campaign to reduce the household food provisioning behaviour, examine theory use in food waste interventions, and test effectiveness of a theoretically informed social marketing campaign that aims to increase food provisioning behaviour at young Australians.

Other projects

Waste Not Want Not: Social Marketing @ Griffith partnered with Redland City Council to create Waste Not Want Not, a program promoting time and money saving benefits of reducing food waste. The social marketing process was applied in this project. Here you can find more information about the process from research, to intervention, to evaluation.

For the project website, visit here: https://www.wastenotwantnot-sm.com/

People that I work with in Social Marketing @ Griffith inspire and encourage me to keep-up the good work!

~ Jeawon Kim

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