About Jeawon

Driven by centring consumers for sustainable behaviour change, Jeawon’s work focusses on creating self-sustaining behaviour change solutions in environment, public health, and social equality. She is an applied social behaviour change pracademic and currently undertaking a PhD at Social Marketing @ Griffith. Click here to view her research outputs.

Jeawon's vision

Jeawon believes that social marketing is the most powerful behaviour change approach allowing voluntarily consumer engagement to a social issue.

Her current projects

Co-creating for behaviour (ex)change: A three year project, she is testing the feasibility and effectiveness of a model of Marketing Co-creation proposed in her PhD. Her research aims to strengthen the balanced consideration and sequential application of social marketing benchmark criteria to a process of co-design to achieve the strongest harmony for behaviour (ex)change.

Love Cat, Love Wildlife: Funded by Tweed Shire Council, this project pilot tests community engagement to protect wildlife – Applied traditional marketing 3Ps (i.e. Product, Promotion, Place) to proof the concept of self-benefiting to benefit others.

Department of Health: Tobacco Graphic Health Warnings Systemic Collection Review and Neurophysiological studies – A multi-method study to inform the future of tobacco graphic health warnings policy in Australia.

Other projects

Waste Not Want Not: A consumer-insight driven community based social marketing program promoting time and money saving benefits of reducing food waste. Funded by Redland City Council, this project was delivered in early 2017. Here you can find more information about the process from research, to intervention, to evaluation. For the project output, click here. For the project website, visit here.

STEM2D: A systematic social marketing initiative aiming at increasing female retention in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Manufacture, and Design. Rolled out a pilot campaign in 2018 and the next one is on its way. Click here to view the report. For the project website, click here.

Action speaks louder than words

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