Currently being our youngest PhD candidate (22), James’ interests pertain to Virtual Reality and its applications in the realm of Social Marketing and Gamification.

James' vision

Rather than forcing change, he believes that well-informing people will encourage them to intrinsically change behaviour. Free choice is key in achieving transformation.

His current project

James’ research is to evaluate the efficacy of the Blurred Minds Virtual Reality component in changing drinking intentions, engaging young minds and influencing (resistance to) peer pressure in young users (14 -16 years old). Read more about Blurred Minds here.

Awards, publications & more


ANZMAC Conference Best Paper Award, Design and Innovation Track (2017), ANZMAC Doctoral Colloquium Best Paper: Highest Potential for Social Impact (2017), Award for Academic Excellence (2016) (top 5% academic achieving students)

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My siblings motivate me to get up and work hard. They made me realise how blessed I am with this opportunity, so I will do anything to make the most of it.

~ James Durl

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