About James

James is a passionate emerging scholar, experienced in delivering change programs for serious social issues to vulnerable or underrepresented consumer groups. Despite the difficulties in delivering such programs, James sees the responsibility of change agents to deliver programs that offer real value to those in need. With expertise in service design, experience in developing innovative new resources, and strong interpersonal skills, James' focus is on co-creating change programs that truly work.

James' vision

Free choice is key to transformation, and that freedom means playing with a full deck and knowing what all the options are. Rather than forcing change, James' believes that people can see the 'right path' to suit their modern needs and desires, and that alternatives that are both beneficial and enjoyable are needed.

His Project

Blurred MindsA student trying VR Goggles

Blurred Minds

James’ research is to evaluate the efficacy of the Blurred Minds Virtual Reality component in changing drinking intentions, engaging young minds and influencing (resistance to) peer pressure in young users (14 -16 years old). Read more about Blurred Minds here.

Awards, publications & more


Bronze winner, inaugural participant in Athena Swan STEM competition (2018), ANZMAC Conference Best Paper Award, Design and Innovation Track (2017), ANZMAC Doctoral Colloquium Best Paper: Highest Potential for Social Impact (2017)

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My friends and family refer to me as 'the one doing the PhD' - their pride in my work spurns me forward to do my best and give my all, no matter how tough things get.

~ James Durl

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