Originated from her mixed experience working in NGO and commercial marketing, Haruka is passionate to create positive behaviour change using a theory-based social marketing approach. She is also a fan of system-thinking and cross-cultural study.

Haruka's mission

What makes us confident to ‘do’ the behaviour? Haruka’s mission is to understand one of the key theoretical behaviour drivers, ‘self-efficacy’. She aims to apply and test the self-efficacy theory-based techniques to create a change in the real world. Another long-term mission for her is to bring the social marketing concept to non-western countries including her home country – Japan.

Her current project

Sitting is a new smoking. Her Ph.D. research focuses on the investigation of modifiable factors of self-efficacy in a prolonged occupational sitting reduction context. She is currently undertaking a formative research, employing a mixed-method approach to develop a self-efficacy theory based intervention at a workplace.

Other projects

Haruka is currently also involved in the My Health for Life project. This project aims to complete 10,000 Queenslanders over a three-year-period, in a lifestyle behaviour change program, which aims to reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases.

Awards, publications & more


Best paper award, Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Mid-year Doctoral Colloquium (2017), Griffith Award for Academic Excellence (2013-2014)

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We believe we can, therefore, we will – it is the power of self-efficacy to change our behaviour.

~ Haruka Fujihira

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