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A passionate individual motivated by optimism to live the dream harmonising expectation and reality starting from the end in mind.

Gajendra's mission

To live a justifiable life based on the inherited and accumulated competence, become a successful change agent, and enrich the lives of people by creating awareness and knowledge.

Current projects

PhD: The core area is online financial data privacy. The scope of the study includes online literacy, the impact of online privacy on vulnerable communities, data breach, cybercrime, and examine the role of privacy strategy in manifesting a competitive advantage through market orientation.

Grounded theory: Investigate the emergence of the grounded theory approach from evolution to contemporary design and contribute to enhancing higher application, awareness, and progress.

Social marketing: Identify the role of strategy in repositioning the conceptual identity to facilitate higher engagement with stakeholders and the business environment.


Personal Development

Awards, publications & more


“Emerging scholar award.” The twentieth international conference on knowledge, culture, and change in organisations, organisation-studies 2020, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. “Global tutor of the year award 2006” for teaching excellence from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, United Kingdom.

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Anyone can see the tactics whereby I conquer, but none can see the strategy out of which victory is evolved,

~ Art of War, Sun Tzu  (544–496 BC)

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