With an interest in Social Marketing Systems Theory (SMST), Di is currently completing an Honours degree with Social Marketing @ Griffith.

Di's vision

The attraction to Social Marketing, is in the ability to create behavioural change from within and outside an individual, organisation or system. The more we work together to create change, the stronger Social Marketing’s contribution to creating change on those difficult and complex places and spaces to create new understandings and new ways of interacting with ‘challenges’.

Her current project

Her Hounours research project goes beyond the traditional focus on knowledge, education and segmentation to understand emerging adults’ food choice decisions (FCD). The aim has been to identify the social exchanges and drivers to understand the broader ecological and social influences to extend what is traditionally perceived as an individual responsibility.

According to Charles R. Snyder, hope has proven a powerful predictor of outcome in every study we’ve done so far. Hope and behavioural change are symbiotic, one perpetuating the other.

~ Di Robertson

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