Involved in commercial market research with industry partners, Cuong has managed a variety of research projects exploring a broad range of topics (but not limited to) brand evaluation, sponsorship outreach, and product offering insights. Cuong is currently undertaking a PhD.

Cuong's vision

Cuong sees a large potential for a systems-thinking approach – using a framework to understand how components interconnect in “wicked problems”. An integrated approach like this guides marketer to make more feasible decisions in approaching certain cases.

His current project

Industry partnership with the Department of Defence: The aim of his PhD is to understand what potentially influences a soldier at a subconscious level when they are choosing services or products that are offered to them. He hopes to measure whether a soldier potentially is affected by these influences.  He also looks at ways to manage or reduces these effects, so the Defence Force has got more accurate data  to help them guide some of the decisions they may need to make.

Awards, publications & more


Griffith Award for Academic Excellence (2014-2015)

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I thrive in a dynamic space where people are driven by research passion rather than pay-check. Surrounded by like-minded people at Social Marketing @ Griffith keep me motivated to reach the larger goals.

~ Cuong Pham

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