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Involved in commercial market research with industry partners, Cuong has managed a variety of research projects; exploring a broad range of topics (but not limited to) brand evaluation, sponsorship outreach and product offering insights. Cuong is also currently exploring the benefits of biometrics (specifically eye-tracking technology), in order to generate stronger insights and understanding how such technologies can augment and complement existing marketing techniques.

Cuong's vision

Cuong sees large potential for systems-thinking oriented frameworks to better understand “wicked problems” and to identify leverage points within a given system to address long-standing issues we face as a society. Cuong sees systems-oriented approaches as a fresh way for marketers to explore more broader lenses towards approaching social problems.

His project

Australian Department of DefenceAustralian Department of Defence

Industry partnership with the Department of Defence

His PhD sets out to understand heuristic behaviours and bias in the context of participants within consumer research which informs government procurement of services or products. Using a marketing systems framework, his research seeks to identify pain points within consumer research processes which may lead to the emergence of biases within research participants. His PhD also sets out to test the feasibility of such an approach in order to provide the Department of Defence with an evaluation approach; to identify opportunities for refinement to ensure bias-free research insights are generated.

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Griffith Award for Academic Excellence (2014-2015)

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I thrive in a dynamic space where people are driven by research passion and share this vision with me. Being surrounded by the multitude of experts here at Social Marketing @ Griffith, their mentorship has certainly expanded my thinking in terms of how I can reach my highest research potential.

~ Cuong Pham

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