Catherine is working on emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence to enhance human wellbeing and to address a cost-effective approach to business performance.

Catherine's mission

Catherine is interested in a de-marketing or social marketing approach to addressing responsible gambling. She is aiming to promote emotional intelligence as a self-help means for behaviour change.

Her main project

The impact of emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence on employee wellbeing and firm performance. This project looks at whether artificial intelligence plays a dominant or subordinate role in business operation; and how employee emotional intelligence contributes to their own wellbeing and job behaviours. The study provides a fresh look into how robots' intelligence and human intelligence compete again or complement one or the other in terms of business efficiency and employee work life.

Other projects

  • Identifying a cost-effective means to address responsible gaming
  • Branding, customer engagement, co-creation in the airline industry
  • Linking employee emotional intelligence and customer response
  • Identifying an organic approach to customer engagement in social commerce
  • A configurational approach to addressing antecedents of social entrepreneurs
  • How service innovation in the airport can influence destination choice.

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