Being the proprietor of a small business since 2007, Ashley is motivated to achieve behaviour change by always involving the consumer in the process.

Ashley's mission

Ashley hopes to secure a PhD candidacy working on behaviour change within social marketing. Eventually, Ashley hopes to tutor then lecture students within academia. He would like to continue with research into behaviour change after completing his PhD.

His current project

Ashley has recently completed an Honours degree, investigating optimum choice set size for military products. He hopes to secure a PhD candidacy for commencement next year on a full time basis.

Not many people inspire me however, my son said to me when he was 5 and a half, ‘Dad, life is about making mistakes, isn’t it, but as long as you learn from those mistakes, everything is fine’ – so, learn from your mistakes, continue to evolve as a person and life cannot stop you.

~ Ashley Carn

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