About Anna

Data-driven and insightful social marketer who is passionate about overcoming obstacles to healthy eating. Anna’s work focuses on creating and delivering segmented solutions with specific and useful messages on how “healthy” can fit into people’s lives.

Anna's mission

Anna is aiming to understand the different motivators for individuals that drive behaviour (change) and working towards developing tailored and specific solutions to effectively tackle behavioural issues.

Her current projects

Social MediaAustralian Department of Defence

Defence Science Technology

Military marketing and consumer behaviour project aiming to develop an understanding of how Australian Defence Force trainees make decisions regarding food and eating practices. This understanding will help with the development of segmented solutions that support the enhancement of military capability.

Social MediaAustralian Government Department of Health

Department of Health

Tobacco Graphic Health Warnings Systemic Collection Review and Neurophysiological studies – A multi-method study to inform the future of tobacco graphic health warnings policy in Australia.

Blurred MindsA student trying VR Goggles

Co-designing the Action Plan for Toowoomba and Bundaberg: A youth led approach

Led by youth and supported by the Department of Child Safety, Youth, and Women (DCSYW) and local partners, this work aims to build capacity delivering a community led action plan for Toowoomba and Bundaberg.

As long as you work hard to achieve your goals, new opportunities will follow. Working together with like-minded people contributes significantly in this process.

~ Anna Kitunen

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