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Alex is profoundly motivated to strengthen the effectiveness of behaviour change interventions and campaigns using innovative methods and approaches. With the disruption of neuroscience in communications research, he is working on applying tools such as electroencephalography to social advertisements to gather physiological insights into effectiveness. He has worked in the contexts of anti drink-driving advertising, tobacco control packaging, and strategies to increase active travel choices. Outside of work Alex is an avid mountain climber, and ruthless rare book collector.

Alex's mission

Alex recognises the complexity of the systems within which social marketing must operate, and considers sustained adaptability a predominant concern. As societies, cultures, and values shift, Alex is devoted to appreciating the significance of closely understanding our shared historical heritage in order to move forward. He believes that a comprehensive understanding of the past will allow for a better social marketing path to progress.

His Current Projects

Social MediaAustralian Government Department of Health

Department of Health

Tobacco Graphic Health Warnings Systemic Collection Review and Neurophysiological studies – A multi-method study to inform the future of tobacco graphic health warnings policy in Australia.

Blurred MindsA student trying VR Goggles

Blurred Minds

Blurred Minds is a cutting-edge alcohol education program that features five lessons and uses a suite of gamification resources to engage and deliver critical messages to Australian high-school students. In this project, he has helped develop the world’s first Virtual Reality house party simulation which immerses students into a live-action adventure.

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Griffith Award for Academic Excellence (2019), Griffith Award for Academic Excellence (2018), Retail Food Group Award (2018), Griffith Award for Academic Excellence (2017)

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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