Aarti is a Research Assistant and PhD Candidate at Social Marketing @ Griffith. Trained as a commercial marketer but passionate about community development and social issues, Aarti considers social marketing as the ideal field to make a lasting difference. She has previously worked on projects concerning e-governance, civic education, and health awareness. While her postgraduate research assessed the use of social marketing within the health sector, Aarti is keen to apply the same principles to the environmental domain in her PhD. Specifically, she is examining which strategies encourage people in developing island nations to practice more sustainable waste management behaviour.

Aarti's vision

Environmentally-unsound practices of backyard incineration and dumping are of growing concern within the Pacific region. More rigorous behavioural research is needed to better understand the underlying determinants and deterrents of such behaviour. Aarti hopes that her PhD findings can enhance advocacy, inform policy and create better behaviour change programs.

Her current project

Aarti is currently investigating behavioural and socio-ecological factors associated with household-level waste management. Island nations have huge potential in harnessing resource materials from waste matter, but recovery rates fall short of national targets. Understanding perceived and actual barriers and benefits to household-level waste management will facilitate the design of smarter measures or interventions to enact and empower widescale change.

One way to keep the momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.

~ Michael Korda

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