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Social Marketing @ Griffith people are globally recognised as leaders in the social marketing field. We are the largest social marketing centre in Australia by number of full-time staff and higher degree research students.

In 2018 our team consists of 36 social marketing researchers, practitioners and professionals and higher degree research students from 19 countries. We are working on various wicked problems, including projects to change the Australian drinking culture, lower tobacco smoking, increase physical activity, encourage healthy eating, increase financial literacy, and prevent human trafficking.

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Sharyn Rundle-Thiele


Prof Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Status quo challenger

Sharyn's work in social marketing is testing current social marketing practice. Her mission is to build an evidence base to establish what works. She wants to be able to clearly tell social marketers what they should do to get sustained change.

Sameer Square headshot

Deputy Director

A/Prof Sameer Deshpande

Influential social marketing expert

Sameer is driven by social change for the better that utilises both heart and head. Sameer will continue to spread among social change enthusiasts, the truth on the bouquet of flowers called social marketing.

Krzysztof Kubacki

Associate Professor

A/Prof Krzysztof Kubacki

Social marketing ethics expert

Krzysztof's mission is to develop ethical guidelines for social marketing to prevent certain groups from being excluded or stigmatised. A big challenge therein is to engage those who aren't engaged.

Photo of Denni Arli

Senior Lecturer

Dr Denni Arli

Behaviour changer developing countries

Denni challenges social issues and strives for social changes in developing countries. His mission is to close the gap between academia, government, community and the not-for-profit industry to encourage collaboration and solve problems together.

Julia Carins

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Julia Carins

Collaborative health & wellbeing researcher

Julia is using social marketing to improve eating behaviour for individual and societal benefit. Her grand goal is to foster a collaborative approach where universities and industry and government partners over the world can apply skills and talent for the benefit of our society.


Senior Lecturer

Dr Marie-Louise Fry

Consumer behaviour research expert

Marie-Louise has an endless curiosity for what makes people tick and why they do the things they do. With this in mind her key driver is to inspire people to change their behaviour for good in a way that is inspirational, credible and relevant.

Joy Parkinson

Senior Lecturer

Dr Joy Parkinson

Health & well-being research expert

Joy's researched is focused on wellness and healthy behaviours. Her mission is to develop a set of novel, solution based consumer wellness programs, while promoting positive modifiable lifestyle behaviours to prevent further chronic disease.

Julienne Senyard photo

Senior Lecturer

Dr Julienne Senyard

Social marketing & entrepreneurship researcher

With her entrepreneurial hat on, Julienne looks at how real value can be created in the context of social marketing. Her mission is to create and conduct research with students that can fundamentally change people's lives for the better.

Profile photo Christine Domegan

Adjunct Professor

Dr Christine Domegan

Wicked problem solving pioneer

Christine's research is  – among other things – focused on systems social marketing, macromarketing and value creation. According to Christine social marketing offers a unique approach to wicked problems that arise in the intersection of society and business.

Dariusz Siemienako

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Dr Dariusz Siemieniako

Relationship & social marketing researcher

Dariusz' work encompasses a relational marketing and social marketing approach. He believes approaching people individually can increase the effectiveness of behavioural change.

Abi Badejo

Research Fellow

Dr Abi Badejo

Tenacious justice & development researcher

Abi challenges social and behavioural issues including human trafficking, diabetes and sexual health. Her vision is to empower 1,000,000 women and youth to combat human trafficking.

Patricia David

Research Fellow

Patricia David

Theoretical-driven applied change researcher

Patricia is motivated by understanding what drives behavioural change. Her research mission is to develop a dynamic theory of change to effectively face and tackle behavioural problems.

Photo of Timo Dietrich


Dr Timo Dietrich

Progressive engagement architect

Timo engages in team-based multidisciplinary research that has real-world impact. His mission is to drive change for the better using social marketing, digital marketing and gamification.

Photo of Mohammed Kadir

Research Fellow

Dr Mohammad Kadir

Innovative health behaviour psychologist

Focusing on sexual health, physical activity, and hygiene, Mohammad's mission is to develop a model that explains the sustainability of behavioural change, and how behaviour can be sustained without utilising interventions.

Kathy Knox

Research Fellow

Dr Kathy Knox

Community & sustainability research psychologist

Kathy's research focus is on communities and sustainability behaviours. Her mission is to continue to develop research with impact and foster a research culture in collaboration with external partners, students and colleagues.

Bo Pang

Research Fellow

Dr Bo Pang

Sharp-witted physical activity researcher

Bo is applying social marketing in the field of active school travelling. His mission is to further put social marketing on the map as a widely acknowledged, trustworthy strategy to deliver behaviour change for the better.


A/Professor Marketing

A/Prof Catherine Prentice

Consumer behaviour research specialist

Catherine is working on emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence to enhance human wellbeing and to address a cost-effective approach to business performance.

Renata Anibaldi

Senior Research Assistant

Renata Anibaldi

Healthy eating behaviours researcher

Social marketing's major appeal for Renata is that, while it is grounded on set theoretical and practical tenets, it draws on multiple knowledge areas to develop, test, and evaluate new ways of bringing about positive change on some very difficult issues.

Photo of Victoria Aldred

Marketing & Events Officer

Victoria Aldred

Problem-solving expert

Experienced Higher Education professional with particular strengths in strategic operational planning, marketing and event management. Victoria is a driving force behind the operations of the centre, and, in turn, helping make the world a better place.


Digital Marketer

Yannick van Hierden

Pragmatic digital marketing strategist

Experienced in branding and digital marketing, Yannick is expanding our marketing efforts on both digital and traditional platforms. His mission is to reinforce and bring together social groups so that they can uplift their community with a joint effort.


Research Assistant

Ashley Carn

Practical & managerial social marketer

Ashley is motivated to achieve behaviour change by always involving the consumer in the process. Unpacking consumer decisions can help to deliver behaviour change.


Research Assistant

James Durl

Patient progressive gamification innovator

James’ work is focussed in the Virtual Reality (VR) world. Rather than forcing change, James believes that people can be encouraged to intrinsically change behaviour through game play.

Haruka Fujihira

Research Assistant

Haruka Fujihira

Driven self-efficacy behaviour changer

Haruka is passionate about theory-driven behaviour change, especially using the self-efficacy theory. Her current mission is to understand how to modify self-efficacy to reduce sedentary behaviour in the workplace.

Erin Hurley

Research Assistant

Erin Hurley

Fanatic co-design researcher & implementer

Erin's research is investigating the application of a co-design process to create, implement and evaluate a parent component for the Blurred Minds program, with the aim to address parenting-specific factors that influence adolescent drinking.

Ali Ibrahim

Research Assistant

Ali Ibrahim

Social economics & accounting researcher

Ali is driven to enhance sustainable consumption behaviour. His mission is to utilise more social science concepts including economics and accounting to develop a wider understanding of social change.

Jaewon Kim

Research Assistant

Jeawon Kim

Food waste game changer

Jeawon is focusing on food waste from a social marketing perspective. She believes that social marketing can be a solution to social issues; thus, she is working to apply social marketing to positively contribute to the world in which we are living.

Anna Kitunen

Research Assistant

Anna Kitunen

Organised social marketing researcher

Anna works in a range of research projects including physical activity and healthy eating. She is highly interested in changing people’s behaviour and she aims to use social marketing to make a significant, sustainable impact on society.


Research Assistant

Ville Lahtinen

Far-reaching behaviour change agent

Known for his Viisi Per Päivä program, Ville sees that social marketing gathers the best strategies, to create human centred products, services and campaigns that really have a measurable and long-lasting impact on people.

Cuong Pham

Research Assistant

Cuong Pham

Consumer behaviour systems-thinker

Cuong is currently investigating what influences decision-making. He sees a large potential for a systems-thinking approach, allowing marketers to address ill-defined or complex problems more effectively.


Research Assistant

Di Robertson

Optimistic & visionary social marketer

Di's research focus is on Social Marketing Systems Theory (SMST). She says that the more we work together, the stronger Social Marketing’s contribution to creating change and creating new ways of interacting with ‘challenges’.

Carina Roemer photo

Research Assistant

Carina Roemer

Curious communicative environment researcher

Carina's research is focused on sustainable behaviour change in the environmental area. She aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry to perform best practice to tackle environmental challenges.


Research Assistant

David Schmidtke

Delivering change in developing countries

David is using community based social marketing (CBSM) to address social problems in a low-income community in Cape Town, South Africa. He believes that social marketing is going to help us overcome key societal challenges.


Research Assistant

Sara Shawky

Passionate social media researcher

Sara aims to identify the most effective ways to engage participants through social media in social marketing programs. Her mission is to contribute to knowledge and practice by research that has real positive impact.

Morgan Saletta

Research Assistant

Dr Morgan Saletta

Acute & philosophical social marketer

Morgan’s expertise includes science and technology policy, complex systems, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is fond of social marketing because it combines theory and practice to create a sustainable and resilient world.

Taylor Willmott

Research Assistant

Taylor Willmott

Transdisciplinary research advocate

Taylor is focused on innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to voluntary behaviour change. Adopting a transdisciplinary ideology, she encourages our fellow social marketers to be principally concerned with the overall goal of social marketing: beneficial social change


Research Assistant

Matilda Ireland-Nikolich

Forward-thinking digital social marketer

Matilda has strong interests in social media management and digital marketing. She believes that there is nothing more important than leaving a positive impact on society and finds social marketing the ultimate tool to achieve that impact.

Alex Scodellaro

Research Assistant

Alexander Scodellaro

Social & technological change marketer

By assisting other researchers in the Social Marketing Centre surrounding virtual and augmented reality, Alexander has the opportunity to work on the forefront of technology and be well prepared for his eventual PhD journey.


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