What’s so bad about food waste?

23% of the waste in our bins is food waste. Australian households waste about $1000 worth of food every year. Waste Not Want Not helped residents to save time and money and showed them how they could use the food already in their fridge to cook delicious and healthy meals. Formative research showed fruit and vegetables as the main ingredients left in Redland’s fridges.

Waste Not Want Not delivered extensive reach on a small budget. We found a 41% increase in those that said they would throw away hardly any fruit and vegetables.

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How we are tackling the food waste problem

Food waste can be reduced at many different levels—government, industry and consumer—and in many different ways. One way is social marketing where the benefits of reducing waste can be sold to households.

One recent example

Teaming up with Redland City Council, the Waste Not Want Not campaign rolled out in Stocklands Shopping Centre in Cleveland as a two-week pilot project. Dominique Rizzo cooked delicious and healthy meals each day. Passers received free tastings, chopping boards, shopping list notepads and shopping bags.

Masterchef Cook-Off

Queensland chefs Mathew Lee from restaurant Cutty Sark and Eugene Lee from Colour Me Flavour joined a masterchef cook-off competition preparing meals using leftovers from our food waste research.

Our research showed what food people waste. We created recipes with these food and prepared them during cooking demonstrations in a shopping centre. We handed out recipe cards, food samples and other merchandise items. We then evaluated the intervention and found a 41% increase in those that say they throw away hardly any fruit and veg. 250,000 Australians were reached with this campaign

Fast facts on the program's outcomes

500,000+ Australians reached

by broadcast and social media coverage

Investment amplified 2.6 times

delivering considerable in kind value to Redland City Council

15% increase in foot traffic

in the Stockland Shopping Centre, Cleveland

41% increase in those that would throw away hardly any fruit and vegetables

Plus a 71% increase of those that stated Waste Not Want Not made them think about food waste

How to use their leftovers to create delicious, healthy meals.

Just one of many ways that we can work with you to reduce food waste.

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