Introduction to Behaviour Change Evaluation

Friday 5th March, 12pm-1pm (AEST)


Hosted online via Zoom

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How to construct a framework that monitors and evaluates behaviour change

Designing and implementing Monitoring and Evaluation are important for behaviour change programs. This webinar will introduce behaviour change program monitoring and evaluation. Specifically, monitoring for program performance and management during implementation and evaluation for judging and making decisions about merit, worth and significance of the program.

What you will learn

The value of using a theory to guide program evaluations

The logic of evaluation

The steps involved in constructing a monitoring and evaluation framework

Who Should Attend

This is an introduction-level webinar suitable for anyone who is dedicated to pursing behavioural change in:

  • Government (Federal, State and Local)
  • Not-for-profit, Non-profit, NGO, Charity
  • Social enterprise, Social business
  • Academia
  • Commercial industry

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Dr Joy Parkinson

Research Director, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Joy's researched is focused on wellness and healthy behaviours. Her mission is to develop a set of novel, solution based consumer wellness programs, while promoting positive modifiable lifestyle behaviours to prevent further chronic disease.

A/Prof Sameer Deshpande

Managing Director, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Sameer is driven by social change for the better that utilises both heart and head. Sameer will continue to spread among social change enthusiasts, the truth on the bouquet of flowers called social marketing.

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