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Acing Digital Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

The digital revolution has radically disrupted customer engagement and the pandemic has amplified this demand even further. People expect you to be online, provide timely content and be responsive — even when you are asleep. So, how can you be where your customers are without spreading yourself too thin? How do you create content that people voluntarily choose to engage with? How do you set goals that keep you on track, rather than drive you away from your purpose? And most importantly, how do you maximise the return on your marketing investment?

Over the years, we have learned to work on a shoestring budget. We know how essential strategy is to achieve goals effectively. Especially in digital marketing, where you have to be effective and profitable. We are pleased to teach you how to put a plan behind the digital marketing madness to make an impact while improving the bottom line.

This online training course teaches you how to apply our 5-step process to extend customer reach, engagement and conversion via the various digital and social media channels. The online training features a mix of theory and practice allowing you to work on your organisation’s digital marketing strategy at your own pace and when it is convenient for you.

The online training is split into nine modules:

  • MODULE 1: Introduction and welcome
  • MODULE 2: Digital revolution and digital trends
  • MODULE 3: The 5-step digital marketing process
  • MODULE 4: Step 1 – Your voice
  • MODULE 5: Step 2 – Your audience
  • MODULE 6: Step 3 – The marketing hourglass
  • MODULE 7: Step 4 – Content
  • MODULE 8: Step 5 – Engage
  • MODULE 9: Review and what’s next

Whether you work in a government organisation, small- or medium sized business, non-profit or a social enterprise you must have a digital strategy in place. If you need help to get your digital marketing strategy up to speed, then this online training is for you.

What you will learn

Learn about the latest marketing trends that matter

Apply the game-changing 5-step marketing framework to grow your business or change more behaviour

Craft a brand narrative that flies

Learn how to build personas

Craft your personalised marketing hourglass

Develop a digital strategy that aligns with your business goals

Identify which digital channels you should prioritise

Save money by learning cost-effective methods to find more followers and customers

Build momentum and get your team on the same page

Who Should Enrol

This online training caters to government and industry representatives and is suitable for:

    • Marketing managers
    • General managers
    • Small and medium sized business owners
    • Communication officers
    • Project officers
    • Content officers
    • Behaviour change agents
    • Students

Are you looking for a tailored training session for your organisation?


Find Your Voice Template

In today’s noisy world, you need a compelling message to resonate with people. That’s why we provide you with a stepwise Brand Narrative template to help you personify your brand so that you can tell stories with impact.

Persona Build Template

Too many brands aim their messages at ‘everyone’. You must be able to define your audience for your marketing to be effective. Our Persona Build template helps you to articulate who your most viable audience is, where you can find them, and how you can serve them.

Marketing Hourglass Template

Our Marketing Hourglass gives you a framework to set objectives, choose the right metrics, and enable you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This will allow you to measure your Marketing ROI better than ever before.

Content Marketing Template

Knowing your voice and your audience is one thing but creating content that resonates is another! Creating contest for the sake of creating content is a sinking ship. You need clarity of what works and what doesn’t and engage your audience with content they are CHOOSING to hear from you.

Marketing Implementation Template

We know that building a marketing strategy involved more than one person. This template provides you with the steps you need to get a team together to collectively implement your marketing ideas.

Griffith University Certificate

Once you have completed the course, you are eligible for your personalised certificate issued by Social Marketing @ Griffith, the world’s largest academic social marketing centre in the world.

Private 1-on-1 with the founders of this course following course completion

Check in with the creators of this course. Once you have completed the course, you are eligible for a free 30-minute private consulting session with Yannick or Timo to help you elevate your digital game even further.

Why take this course?

Get access to business changing toolkits

This course is loaded with awesome templates to help you build your brand narrative, personas, marketing hourglass, themes and angels, and implementation and strategy plan templates. Look no further, everything you need is part of this course.

Strategy before madness

This course is no Netflix experience where you passively consume content. Our resources make you think and reflect. Our five-step-process is evidence-based and proven to help you increase your ROI. Stop listening to conflicting advice and break loose from the information overload.

Engagement guarantee

More than 80% of this online training consists of videos and breakout sessions. Rather than boring you with lots of text, we have distilled the essence of marketing into engaging short video lessons. Every lesson prompts you to apply your learnings to your organisational needs!

100% Online

We know you are juggling multiple things. So, you can take this online course entirely at your own pace. You have all flexibility to schedule it around your work and life commitments. It’s the same qualification — just on your terms.


Meet Timo and Yannick, two Griffith marketing experts. They have a passion to translate ‘fluffy’ academic theories into ‘real world’ frameworks — so you don’t have to read thousands of pages of dense and boring textbooks.

Timo and Yannick have trained thousands of practitioners from small and large organisations such as Mater Group, Department of Environment and Sciences, Lives Lived Well, Children’s Health Queensland, Queensland Treasury, Conrad Gargett, Queensland Trust for Nature, PRD Nationwide, and many more. This is your chance to learn from Timo and Yannick and elevate your marketing skills and increase your ROI.

Dr Timo Dietrich

Engagement Director, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Timo engages in team-based multidisciplinary research that has real-world impact. His mission is to drive change for the better using social marketing, digital marketing and gamification.

Yannick van Hierden

Marketing Officer & Research Assistant, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Experienced in branding and digital marketing, Yannick is expanding our marketing efforts on both digital and traditional platforms. His mission is to reinforce and bring together social groups so that they can uplift their community with a joint effort.

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Acing Digital Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

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