Change 2020 Identifying Consumer Insights That Matter

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Identifying Consumer Insights That Matter

Thursday 17th September, 1pm-3pm (AEST)


Hosted online via Zoom

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Identifying Consumer Insights That Matter

Join this Change 2020 event and take a deep dive into the world of consumer insights that will help you design innovative behaviour change solutions.

Our keynotes will explore the complexities of behaviour change in this hyper-connected world, including how we can use gamification to change behaviour, and how to build a digitally savvy organisation that reaches audiences through the right channels.

Register today and go behind the scenes and learn how to improve behaviour change outcomes through better understanding of consumer insights.

What you will learn

Uncover consumer insights that matter

Using your digital marketing channels more effectively

Gamification as a vehicle for behaviour change

Keynote Speakers

Prof Simone Pettigrew

Professorial Fellow

Simone is a Professorial Fellow at The George Institute for Global Health and the University of New South Wales. Her work focuses on facilitating behaviour change across the areas of nutrition, physical activity, alcohol consumption, and smoking.

Dr Zac Fitz-Walter

Co-founder, Eat More Pixels & TBD Game Company

The way we work has changed. Science has shown us that rewarding good behaviour and punishing bad behaviour just doesn’t motivate us the way we thought it did. As human beings we want to be challenged, we want to have the freedom to make our own choices and we want to make close connections with others.

James Fitzgerald

Executive Director, Programming and Founder of SMK

James is the Executive Director of Programing and founder of SMK. Social Media Knowledge (SMK) is a specialist learning and development organisation within digital transformation, existing to help businesses use digital channels more effectively.

Who Should Attend

Directors, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Officers that are dedicated to pursuing behaviour change in:

  • Government (Federal, State and Local)
  • Not-for-profit, Non-profit, NGO, Charity
  • Social enterprise, Social business
  • Academia
  • Commercial industry

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Online Change Event: Identifying Consumer Insights That Matter

Co-hosted By

Alexandar Campbell

Change 2020 Co-Chair, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Alexander is a seasoned marketer and strategist with a passion for all things social marketing. His personal mission is to help corporations create meaningful social change programs and promote the value of being a good corporate citizen.

Jeawon Kim

Change 2020 Co-Chair, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Jeawon's real-world research enables a full application of social marketing principles in program design, implementation, evaluation, and enhancement to achieve voluntary sustainable behaviour change.

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