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How to Build a Following

Thursday 3rd December, 4pm-5:30pm (AEST)


Hosted online via Zoom

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How to Build a Following

Join this Change 2020 event and learn how to build a devoted following for your social cause. Our speakers will explore how to bring together people to unite for a common cause. This event will investigate how to maintain a following, leverage off existing networks, building a loyal tribe of followers, and how to enhance community involvement.

Register today and go behind the scenes and learn the do’s and don’ts of tribe building.

What you will learn

How to build and maintain a tribe

Enhance community involvement

Leveraging off your networks for better social outcomes

Keynote Speakers

Dina Pozzo

Director - insium pty ltd

Dina is a highly skilled facilitator, coach and speaker. Dina launched insium’s “Leading with Courage” program at the 5th World Congress of Positive Psychology in 2017 and recently at the 6th World Congress of Positive Psychology.

Dr Rowena Merritt

Director - Millbank Social Marketing

Rowena will discuss how the UN’s World Food Programme is using behaviour change programmes to tackle some of our toughest global issues. From tackling obesity in a Middle East war zone, to fathers taking their baby’s breastmilk in East Africa.

A/Prof Sameer Deshpande

Managing Director - Social Marketing @ Griffith

Sameer is driven by social change for the better that utilises both heart and head. Sameer will continue to spread among social change enthusiasts, the truth on the bouquet of flowers called social marketing.

Who Should Attend

Directors, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Officers that are dedicated to pursuing behaviour change in:

  • Government (Federal, State and Local)
  • Not-for-profit, Non-profit, NGO, Charity
  • Social enterprise, Social business
  • Academia
  • Commercial industry

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Online Change Event: Identifying Consumer Insights That Matter

Co-hosted By

Alexandar Campbell

Change 2020 Co-Chair, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Alexander is a seasoned marketer and strategist with a passion for all things social marketing. His personal mission is to help corporations create meaningful social change programs and promote the value of being a good corporate citizen.

Jeawon Kim

Change 2020 Co-Chair, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Jeawon's real-world research enables a full application of social marketing principles in program design, implementation, evaluation, and enhancement to achieve voluntary sustainable behaviour change.

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How to Build a Following


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