Design Thinking

Session 1/3: Wednesday 29th September, 8am-11am (AEST)

Session 2/3: Wednesday 6th October, 1pm-3pm (AEST)

Session 3/3: Wednesday 13th October, 10am-12pm (AEST)

$499 + GST for all 3 sessions

Hosted online via Zoom

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Master Design Thinking to solve complex problems and drive innovation

To overcome challenges and foster innovation, new ways of thinking are needed. Join us to learn a range of human-centered tools and techniques that will improve your product and service design, drive innovation in response to social needs, and place people firmly at the heart of the solution generation process. Not only have world leading companies such as Apple, Google, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Ford, General Electric, Airbnb, Nike, and Uber used design thinking to drive product and service design innovation, a growing number of organisations and governments (e.g., OECD's Observatory Platform for Public Sector Innovation, MindLab11, and the Behavioural Insights Team) are recognising the value of design thinking in tackling some of society's most pressing social issues and contributing to the development of social innovations.

Over the course of three interactive workshops, you will be taken through the 5-step human-centered design process. You will work collaboratively to complete a series of applied examples, and in doing so, gain mastery of a range of tools and techniques that you can confidently walk away with. At the end of the three workshops, you will know the 5 steps of human-centered design and you will have acquired a suite of design thinking tools and techniques that you can draw upon when solving complex problems and driving innovation.

What you will learn

A reliable 5-step human-centered design process

Techniques that will allow you to think like a human-centered designer

Methods for identifying the root-cause of your problem

How to craft the right frame for your problem

A suite of tools for effective ideation, concept and prototype testing, and iteration

Practices for successful collaboration and teamwork

Learning Outcomes

Implement the 5-step human-centered design process

Apply integrative thinking to complex problem solving

Understand empathetic design methods and their role in the design process

Conduct root-cause analyses and frame complex problems

Apply ideation and rapid prototyping testing techniques

Engage diverse stakeholders and support effective collaboration

Who Should Attend

Directors, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Officers that are dedicated to pursuing behavioural change in:

  • Government (Federal, State and Local)
  • Not-for-profit, Non-profit, NGO, Charity
  • Social enterprise, Social business
  • Academia
  • Commercial industry

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Prof Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Founding Director, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Sharyn's work in social marketing is testing current social marketing practice. Her mission is to build an evidence base to establish what works. She wants to be able to clearly tell social marketers what they should do to get sustained change.

Dr Taylor Willmott

Research Fellow, Social Marketing @ Griffith

Taylor is focused on innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to voluntary behaviour change. Adopting a transdisciplinary ideology, she encourages our fellow social marketers to be principally concerned with the overall goal of social marketing: voluntary change that benefits both individuals and society.

To find out more about the Design Thinking masterclass, contact or phone +61 (7) 3735 2039

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