Social Marketing applied in Finland

Childhood obesity is a worldwide problem also affecting Finland. The Viisi Per Päivä project targets Finnish children to eat more fruit and vegetables (F&V) on a daily basis.

The public health industry in Finland and around the world uses promotion focused campaigns (1P). The Viisi Per Päivä project adopts the full marketing mix (4Ps) to increase fruit and vegetables consumption. The program delivered a 50% increase in F&V intake at breakfast.

What is Viisi Per Päivä (Five a day)?

We developed a 3-month-intervention to get children excited about tasting and eating different fruit and vegetables and to cook fruit and vegetable dishes at home. The full Viisi Per Päivä program included a cooking and tasting class at school and recipes bundled with F&V discount vouchers for the local supermarket.

The campaign used multiple promotion strategies including posters on school walls, school games and exercises. The campaign also used Instagram and Facebook to drive engagement among students and parents.

4Ps for an effective Social Marketing program

Increase of F&V intake

at breaktast

Increase of F&V consumption

at breakfast + dinner

Full marketing mix programs

Have potential to reach better outcomes than programs using only 1P (promotion)

Program insights – 1P versus 4Ps

The marketing mix formed the basis for this study and to test whether 1P (promotion) or 4Ps (full marketing mix) are more likely to increase F&V intake.

Recipes bundled with F&V discount vouchers to local supermarkets, cooking and tasting class made up the full program. To further engage, posters on school walls, school games and exercises were created. Also, Instagram and Facebook campaign pages supported the promotion strategy.

We can take this program anywhere in the world!

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